SCIT 2010 GD/PI experience

Hi guys i had my gd/pi today(6th feb) i will like to share my experiences with you… :: :: Reporting time 12 pm Registration for the batch starts at 12:15pm.After that we were taken to a conference room and were shown a video of the college…

Hi guys i had my gd/pi today(6th feb) i will like to share my experiences with you...
Reporting time 12 pm
Registration for the batch starts at 12:15pm.After that we were taken to a conference room and were shown a video of the college.At 1pm we had our psychometric test of 20 min and after the psychometric test we had to write an essay within 5 mins:w00t::w00t:(topic was--- time and tides waits for none).
After the psychometric test we were sent into the gd room .There were 2 gd's.
The topic in the first gd was "What Changes should be brought into education system in India".Our gd lasted for 20 minutes and it was a cool gd and every one gave his view.At the end the panelist asked to conclude the gd and asked two memberes from the group to conclude.
After the gd were asked to enter into another gd room .The topic given was abstract "Can supermarkets compete with local baniyas(kiryana shops)" .(Bhai yeh kaisa topic hai).The gd started good and maximum people in the group were in favour of supermarket but i was on the other side ,i had different views.After sometime the panelist intervened and asked us to concentrate on metropolition cities and forget about rural areas.(topic hi badal gaya yaar sab supermarkets wale khus...ab hum kya bolean)
Again the gd resumed and was going well but after sometime we were again intervened by the panelist and were asked to talk about super markets only(reliance fresh wagareh par discuss karo..ek hi gd mein 3 gd mila diye....).Was not happy at all with the panelist.BUt had a nice gd.
After that we were scheduled for our PI's and tech interviews.ON an average pi was of 20-25 min.
I had my pi on 3:30 pm.AN middleaged man took my interview.
The interview was as follows
Q WHat have u done after 2008(2008 paas out).
me I told him that i was engaged in my family business.
Q so what did you do?
Me told him about what i had done.
Q Fututre plans?
Me Want to be an entrepreneur..blah blah blah...
Q strength weakness?
ME Blah bblah....
Q when do u get nervous?(ek dum se kaisa question pooch liya yaar).
Me could not give an apt answer.
Q which newspaper do u read?
ME told TOI. He asked me to tell main head lines.Told him about the rahul's visit to mumbai but could not xplain it in detail:-(
Q Will u like to do an arrange or love marriage:wow::w00t
me love marriage:clap::cheers:
Q will u like to ask something?
ME NO Sir.
As i was leaving the room he asked me why i had rescheduled my gd/pi.

After that the next round was technical interview
One sir(was around 28-29 yrs) and one sweet mam took my interview.
Q Tell me about yourself?
Me blah blah....
Q So what have you studied in your Btech?
ME Basics of electronics and the subjects taught there(didnot mention any subjectt as the interview could have happened on it.)
Q So Why R u entering into it as u have done your btech in ece?
Me Blah blah..
Q so u wanna open an IT firm in Himachal?
ans BLah BLAH...
Q Why do u dont get into hosptality or tourism sector?
ME blah blah...
Q So what type of firm u want to open?
ME told him about networking
q Why?
ME told him
Q will u like to enter an startup firm?
ans YEs sir
Q WHich college have u filled for IT course?
ME told him scit,imt and iimb ha IT course?
and rest of the questions were also related thie issue only that why entrepreneurship?
ME gave the ans.
Q TEll me about osi model?
Ans told him about the 7 layers and little bit of description of those layers(isse jyada aata bhi nahin tha)
Q What is ftp,http ,htpps,nic,egovernance?
ME gave the ans to the qs
Q asked something about egovernace in Andhra and some water related issue in bangalore?
Me told that i dont know.
Q DO u want to ask some qs?
ME no
INterview was cool and the panelists were super coollllllll:clap::cheerio:.(THere were some more qs asked but cannot remember right now,the qs weere not technical)
The whole process was good and organised. and the seniors in scit were also very supportive:clap::thumbsup:.

ATB to all other scit aspirants.

Abhay Thakur

My exp of GD/PI:

Had my gd/pi on 6th..8 am slot..the process started on time...registration was done by 8.15 am after which we were taken into an assembly hall..psycometric started at 8.30 am ..same questions as mentioned in previous posts.It was followed by essay writing.Essay topic was 'Life without mobile phones'..

after this gd/pi started..they do not take place in any specific order.Had technical interview first..Panel had a lady and a middle aged gentleman..asked me regarding psycometric test..then asked me that I have got 2+ yr experience,then why do MBA..why not settle down..then asked me questions on my work ex..I had work ex on software Project management asked questions regarding that like , what is Agile process methodology,waterfall model..questions on microsoft project etc...then asked do u know abt change in course pattern frm this year?which electives u would choose etc...overall a good tECHNICAL pi..

then hr interview followed...this one was real bad...screwed me completely..i entered the room and an elderly gentleman was sitting..I wished him good morning..after this he kept looking at me as though I have abused him...anyways interview started..asked me questions regarding my hobbies...had mentioned that I follow F1 asked who is the former champion who is making a come back up..told him michael schumacher...then asked me questions on cricket..asked who is my idol in Indian cricket team...told rahul dravid...asked why...told him...after this he gave me 10 min lecture on why tendulkar is better than dravid...overall average interview with him speaking more than me..

then gds followed.. first topic was..'Reality of reality shows'...pretty dull topic...everybody spoke...although new perspectives were guy gave examples of shows like ''emotional atyaachar','roadies' and all other bull shit..Me gave example of children being drawn into reality shows...pressure on contestants and its effect...gave example of bengali reality show in which a contestant lost her mental balance...overall again an ok gd with too much repetition of ideas..

second gd topic 'Selection criteria for SCIT'...told abt how extempore can be added by keeping only 1 gd istead of two..told abt group tasks to test team skills..blah blah...there was one guy in gd behaving extremely informally like he was sitting in barista...was addressing panelists instead of facing the group..
an average gd again..

so overall a good experience...keeping my fingers crossed..hope equal weightages are given to gd and pi...

me 2 had a bad hr...hope they have equal weightage...

Those of you who have finished your GD/ Interview.. Please post your experiences/topics/questions here.. It'll be helpful for others..
I think we all are humanitarians and believe in sharing and caring. 😃

6 rounds!!! who do they think they are...
how long is the whole process?
my slot is at 12...and i have train to catch at 7

You will be free by 4:30 or max 5pm.

GD/PI Debrief:

Reached SCIT at 7:30Am. Was asked to register at the counter at 7.45AM. Then we went to assembly hall by 8:15 AM.
Then Psychometric test started at 8:30AM - 8:50AM which consisted of 40 questions. andd essay topic for 5 min "Life without Mobile phones".
Then went for GD 1 & 2. Topics were '3 most influential commercials' an next topic was 'Role of regional parties in growth of the nation'. 12 members for 15 min each.
Then went for tech interview which consisted 2 member panel. I have 2 yrs of work ex in IT. So were asked questions on that only. So went quite well. Then HR, was asked abt family details, college and work ex again. Went so smoothly. No problem. Go open minded. All the best.

Here goes my GD/PI Experience:

Date: 4th Feb , Time: 8 AM

First Day First Show

Batch size 14, turned up 4

(Guys, as you all may be knowing SCIT had given GD/PI slots on the basis of your total points, that include SNAP score + add on points as applicable. May be that is the reason for less turn out in my batch )

Anyways, as you enter the Venue, you will find SCIT helpdesk and your schedule for GD/PI affixed on the board, good management :clap:.
Almost 8 batches were there in the morning time slots and all were then moved to Floor 2 for Written Test , two tests were there:
First one includes questions like:
1) What is your weakness
2) How would you like to describe yourself as
3) Which kind of people you like
and stuffs like this ( donno remember all )
Given 20 minutes to answer this. Followed by an essay to be written in 5 minutes . Yes, 5 minutes.Topic was " Trip to a Hill Station" I mean common I just have started thinking , when 5 minutes got over. Could fill half page only :shocked:.

Then my batch was taken for 1st GD at 9:30 sharp.
3 moderators , quite experienced in age.
We were told to sit according to our GD no., which is given in call later.
So we 4 sat accordingly. I was no. 13th .
One Mod said the obvious "Only Four" .
Anyways, GD topic was written on the white Board behind it, one Mod read it out as well , it was " Media is a mixed blessing " . Fairly easy topic, but only 4 guys, so you can understand the situation. Everyone contributed and was left with no point to say in the end.

Finally it got over, and we had our Tech interviews.
I went in. 2 Mam's and Me .

Questions asked were:
Tell me about yourself?
Why MBA?
Tell me about your Work Ex?
Some question related to technical aspect of it?

Over. Was a 10 min interview.

Second, HR interview after that.
One very experienced guy, from outside Symbi was there.

Questions asked were:
Tell me about yourself ( Again )
What is your work all about?
Responsiblities at work?
Which book you have read recently ?
What is it all about?

Went well, had some time before Final GD so went for Coffee.
Before final GD, got the documents verified.

Last leg, Final GD, was Abstract one .
Two mods were there.
As expected "Only Four" was their first comment.
Gave us a picture and we had to speak about it.
It had photos of A R Rehman, Ustab Amjad Ali khan and Jakir Hussain .
Anyways went off satisfactorily, but because of less participants went short of points.

Finally, the whole process got over by 1 PM :wow:.
Chilled out process. Special cheers to seniors out there for putting up such an organized show. They were very helpfull.

Sorry for the delay in posting. But still never its too late.

ATB for all puys for their chance.

Waiting for results now.

my gd/pi experience

hey...anybody knows when gdpi results of scit will be out??

hey...anybody knows when gdpi results of scit will be out??
26 th february

SCIT results would be out on the 26th of FEBRUARY, 8PM.

Hi Seniors!

Generally till what number waitlist gets cleared for general category??

Thanks in advance

I too have the same query that till what number waitlist gets cleared for general category??

Seniors plzzzzzzzzz reply