SCIE: Offering The Best Education To Students Across The Globe!

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world at the present moment, thanks to its rapid rise in the economy, trade and numerous other aspects. While this status of our is there to say, one can see that India has always been on the top of the game in the field of education. From our educational institutions in the medieval period like the Nalanda or Takshashila to the present day IIT’s and IIM’s, India has always had the privilege of boasting about their exemplary educational standards. With such high-quality institutes, India has time and again stood at the forefront of innovations in the fields of engineering, medicine, business among many others.

While no one can deny this status that India has earned, one has to put the focus on the other institutions that have been established, which significantly are contributing to this status. If one has to pick out a single institution that has been at the center of all this, it should be Symbiosis International University. Known for imparting world-class education to the best young minds of the country, SIU has time and again showed why they are the fast racing to become the best university in the country. SIU as a body has also introduced numerous courses and institutions to cater to the growing needs of this ever-booming economy.

One of the main constituent bodies of SIU is the Symbiosis Center for International Education. With a vision to provide global education to the international students, SCIE has showcased its prowess in this foray by being one of the best university in India for foreign students. Having students from over 85 countries who are pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, SCIE has proved its reputation as one of the pioneers of international education in India. The students are exposed to opportunities in various fields in which they wish to prosper making it one of the most sought after educational institution. The students of SCIE also have the valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge by being exposed to various academic exchange programs, seminars, workshops and international conferences that provide a global outlook with an Indian touch.

Nestled in a vast and serene campus in the young and vibrant city of Pune, SCIE comes first among the other educational bodies that claim to provide the best atmosphere for international students. SCIE also ensures students are assisted throughout their journey in becoming professionals, right from the admission process to the final graduation ceremony. The admission for foreign students in India could be a tedious process considering all the complexities involved, but SCIE eases the entire procedure by assisting the prospective students in every step. All in all, an international student can heave a sigh of relief and be exposed to the best possible education at the prestigious Symbiosis Center for International Education.