Schulich(York) Vs Boston University

Hi allrequesting all guru’s out there pls share any info on the following schools 1)Boston University School of Management - Admitted 50% schol 2)Schulich School of Business ,York University Canada- Admitted 3)COX school of Business, Sout…

Hi allrequesting all guru's out there pls share any info on the following schools

1)Boston University School of Management - Admitted 50% schol
2)Schulich School of Business ,York University Canada- Admitted
3)COX school of Business, Southern Methodist University- Waitlisted

Ok I am really confused between the first 2's my analysis

Boston University School of Management: Advantage
1)MS-MBA program had 100% placement last yrcurrent students say it is really good if one is interested in IT related jobs post MBA
2)The city Boston is a major pluswith outstanding faculty due to top schools in the area and opp to network with companies
3)The prospects of landing a job in US east coast which is considered best post MBA job market

1)Not considered great for finance
2)Expensive even after scholorship
3)Not ranked that high 44th in US News and not even 2nd tier according to BW.

Schulich School of Business: Advantage
1) Located in Toronto(financial hub)what I know is that schulich will be better than BU for finance
2) Ironically even without no schol schulich is costing me lesser
3) One can get dual citizenship soon easily in Canada and apply for PR as soon as u get there
4) More brand value since it's top school in Canada. its top 3 in Canada and top 30 in global rankings arnd 20-30 ranks above Boston
1)Brand value of Canadian MBA over US MBA
2)Diff of getting jobs in US after study in Canada..

My profile is soft engg for more than 2 yrs nowgmat:680..gr8 academics and decent extra-curr.
My goals: I have bent towards IT post MBA but I want to keep my options open for financeMy long term goal is to come back to India after couple of yrs experienceat least thts what I've planned .any inputs are more than welcomepls help me decide which one is betterthe reason it's becoming so diff to decide is that I am not sure of personal preference likeIT or Finance.US or Canadaetc etc ..I am ok with both optionspls share any info or any inputs u guyz might have on concerns above

hey....y is nobody responding??...pls someone reply...i really need inputs...

mehr.. i will give u an outsiders view on this one.

to me boston seems more interesting. why? because as u mentioned...100 percent placement... well nuthin beats that. i bet the avg sallaries at boston are higher than tthose at schulich. its true wid all gud us b-schools.

mebbe schulich is higher RANKED, but i guess the rankings arent a great indicator as to what u shud finally join. schulich in ft 2005 was above rotman... then in 2007 ranks it slipped more than 30-35 places i guess. so what do u make of that? use ranking initially to shortlist schools that u wanna research... after that use the research.

and as u mentioned, better IT scenario, better jobs, boston. okay so if the monetery difference between the two is about 5-10 lacs, i guess u shud join boston.
and i firmly believe that its better to become a star at a "lesser ranked" school rather than being an aam-junta at a highly ranked place. itll get u started on a better footing.


Hi mehr,
I know this is a wrong forum to ask the question - how was ur nus intv? Hv u hrd nething frm them?
I tried to pm u .. but ur mailbox is full.

have also been speaking to a lot of people about the US/canadian choices....most people who live in US..infact everyone I spoke to and thats like 10-12 people said a decent US MBA is more worthwhile than canadian. however schulich is a very decent school and located in toronto as u said...but 1-2 people in canada i know said international students in Canada generally have a tough time getting jobs in canada...except maybe in calgary which is prefer PRs etc...also no doubt the opportunities in canada is less than in the US...u will surely find it tough to get into the US after a schulich mba...if working in the US is an aim...Canada is a lovely country..friendly people, less crime, more laid back than US...colder weather...and PR is easier and quicker.....if a PR is sure canada seems like a great option....i too have spent a llot of time wondering about this problem...and I think I will go to a US school even though it will cost me 30% more. one can work in canada with a US degree but not vice versa...also while studying in USA one can apply for canadian PR and keep that as a backup to work in(it takes 2 yrs to get from the US)... i also spoke to friends working in Dubai and singapore and they said USA degree in those locations very well too...not to mention back home in India........
other views are welcome.....