Schulich 2013 applicants - Winter and Fall

Hi All, There is no unified thread for Schulich applicants for 2013 sessions so starting this thread. Those who are applying or planning to apply for Jan 2013 or Sept 2013 sessions please post here. I have applied to Jan 2013 course. Come…

Hi All,
There is no unified thread for Schulich applicants for 2013 sessions so starting this thread.
Those who are applying or planning to apply for Jan 2013 or Sept 2013 sessions please post here.
I have applied to Jan 2013 course.
Come on ppl lets get going!!!!

Mods : Apologies if I have created a duplicate thread but I guess there was a need for a thread with a clear title needed to elicit response from applicants. The other thread has a title of FT MBA 2015 or something like that. If you can merge that thread over here it would be great. Thanks!!

Hello Schumacer,

I have got an admit for Winter '13 intake!!
thanks for starting this thread.. :)

All the Best for your application

- Archana

hi Archanaatul,

Thats a gr8 news!! congrats...can you please share your profile and the timelines...when did you apply and when you got admit..interview call etc?

Are you from india?

I am from Pune, India.

hey.. I actually applied for the Fall '12 intake.. was on wait list for a long time, so I decided to start the program in Jan only

I applied on Jan 31, 2012, had my interview in May and got the winter offer about a couple of weeks back

Find below my profile
GMAT - 670
WE - 4+ yrs in IT
B.E - 81%

I am from Chennai

your profile?


ohhh okay...

I have just recently applied on 20th August...but haven't got any acknowledgement as such..

My profile

GMAT 710
WE 4 yrs in IT
I am from Pune..

any idea how to access MyFile on York's website? I am trying with the 6 digit number printed on the form i submitted but its not showing up...have contacted the admissions team...lets c..

MyFile on York's website?? 6 digit number on the form??

I dunno.. Maybe the Winter application form is different/new..

- Archana

Anyways you will be getting a mail saying they have received your application first..

followed by a mail that says whether your application is complete or anything is pending

- Archana

@ schumacer.. Good you have started the thread dedicated to the winter admission.

@Archanatul I have also submitted my application. Can you share your experience with the interview process..... I applied a week back but have not received any mail stating "application is complete"

@vb5 - thts gr8 to hear..i contacted Schulich and they said that once admission committee starts reviewing the application then we will get a mail that it is in process..I tried calling them but no one seems to be answering the calls at their office..I have mailed them asking how to check status on MyFile..I will update you once I get any info...


vb5 and schumacer.. let me join ur club. i submitted my application on 16/8/12. Even i have heard quite a lot on the applicants receiving the mail once adcom starts processing and stuff but haven't received any such mail as yet. I also tried accessing the file with the 6 digit no... doesn't work for now. I received a mail and a note on their blog stating they will mail once they begin processing.

Archanatul : congratulations on ur admit. We would be happy to know abt the interview u got to go through.

About me : I was to join Degroote fall, 12'. had to cancel a week before leaving. awaiting this admit. 3+ yrs exp in water, waste water and effluent treatment EPC industry. Project Management. B.Tech Mechanical Engg.

Charu Roopa


Hey.. How have you applied? The drop down for starting year should show 2013/2014. But it doesn't. I want to apply for Schulich India MBA which starts in January.

Early response will be much appreciated. Thanks

@Headstrong85 - I had contacted schulich on this and selected 2012/2013..when you login the first page displays whether the admissions for particular acad year are open or not..
Did you try and call up Schulich?


I mailed them to know when the application window will open. That was in June. I got the reply that window is yet to open and i will be informed when it does open. No reply as of now. I called them yesterday (@canada admission cell) but no one answered.

And for the values in different dropdowns, they were also there in April when i first checked. So how will one know that this application is for 2013 Jan intake???

totally confused :(


Also India MBA website is under construction since many days.. Any idea if the classes will start in SP Jain itself?

and if we are submitting applications now, when will we apply for student loan and visa. These things will atleast take around 3 months (for collecting and consolidationg all the documents, preparing & sedning DD etc. )

PS: sorry for bombarding you with so many questions. But i think these queries will be common among all the applicants for Jan 2013 intake. Should be clear once and for all.

hello @vb5 and @CRS..

Good luck with your applications!! :)

The wait for me was long only I would say, the # of applicants was very huge for fall.. I don't think that would be the case for winter.. lets see

About the interview, I called Schulich office in May asking for the status of my application and the same day they mailed me the details after scheduling the interview
It was on Skype (audio) for about half an hour

According to me, in the interview, they were looking for clarity in what I was expecting from the program, they also gave me opportunity to explain how I would be a good fit..
at the end they told that I would be on wait list for fall and if that doesn't work out I will be given winter offer

Note: some are selected directly without interview also, from what I have read in blogs, not sure about when that happens though

Hope this helps..
If you have any more questions, please do msg me

- Archana
@Headstrong85 As per the information on forums and news...Schulich will be starting their 2013 course in India in their new campus in hyderabad in sept hopefully the applications should start in coming weeks..
Regarding the loans and visa..its better if we start collecting documents and information related to loans and visa from now..if you check last year's forums...Credila offers max loan...i am checking out the student visa process, docs etc...


Does Credila has a cap for loan amount? my advice is to go for loan from govt. banks. Interest rates will be less and installments flexible. But they do have a cap of INR 200000.

Plz mention the list of documents required to apply for visa and education loan if you have that. I will be closely following this thread and post whatever information i will gather during this ordeal 😛 Thanks!!

@schumacer .. i selected 2012/2013 winter. Shd this have been 2013/2014 winter? Now this is worrying me.
Schumacer and Headstrong85.. sorry to interrupt but i am done with my visa and I can help you if you have any queries regarding your visa application.