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Asia's 1st B-School for Product Management now pioneers Asia's 1st MBA in Data Science!

Who is Data Science for exactly? Is it only for Data Scientists? Or is it applicable for Managers and Engineers as well?

Watch this short video in which Mr. Shivaram, Co-Founder and CEO of Curl Analytics talks about the ways Data Science is going to revolutionize various Industries and Professions!

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Everyone knows about specializations in Data Science, Analytics, ML, AI and the like, but not many know the benefits of doing an MBA in Applied Data Science!

Here are our top reasons why an MBA in Apllied Data Science is much more conducive than any specialization! #MBA #Data Science

How can engineers build a career in the hot field of Data Science? 

Watch this talk by Amit Sharma, the Chief Data Scientist at ADP on the "5 Things that Engineers must know about Data Science"

According to Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st Century. 

Here are some more facts on why Data Science  is the hottest career today - 

Ever wondered who are the top Data Scientists in the country and how they got there?

Read this interesting article which shares the background stories of India's top 10 Data Scientists and what exactly they do - 

Dear MBA Aspirants,

What does it take to build AWESOME Products in the 21st Century? Watch Pradeepta Mishra, Chief Data Scientist at Lymbyc Systems talk about "Building Data Products" 

MBA Aspirants! Traditional MBA's are losing their value as Hiring Managers look for demonstrable skills over a degree!

Get ready to study smart with an MBA that equips you with the hot skills of Data Science

Read this blog to understand the Industry and career perspective on the difference between a traditional MBA and an MBA in Applied Data Science -

What are the reviews on MBA in applied data science course from  Institute of Product Leadership ?As per course structure and Placements also?

The growth of data science is gaining momentum and its fame has reached every corner of the business functioning. If you are looking for an exciting career in data science, then data science course is built for you. The data science course  provides various opportunities for professionals to build a strong foundation for their career in data science.