SC/ST DISCUSSION – IIM’s & MBA (2020-2022)

Post any query regarding admissions in IIMs and top B schools.

Percentile expecting in cat 2017

  • Above 95
  • 70-80
  • 80-90
  • 90-95

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bro do you have last year's tracker/excel sheet for iim abc for sc??


I have scored 96.79 percentile in CAT 2017. My 10/12/Graduation score are 77.6/68.4/72 percent. I have 36 months of experience. I have not been shortlisted for A, B and C :( What is missing above? Please help.

What calls I can expect including non IIMs etc? Please help

Category SC

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I have scored 77.2 in cat. My 10/12 graduation percentages are 85.83/79/65.68, and having 14 months work category is sc. What calls can I expect.

Cat percentile 93.5 10th 89.4, 12th 72.5, grad 5.5 cpi from iit delhi sc category calls from calcutta lucknow can i expect to convert them... I have lot of extracurricular activites

  CAT - 72.51%ile(sc category) VA-48%ile DILR- 86%ile QUANT-80%ile 10th- 93.5% 12th- 84.2%. grad-74% BCA. what calls can i expect?and forms should i fill?

Oa-79 va-67 dilr-85 qa-80 X-86% Xii-84% Btech-75 Sc category. Calls to expect? IIMs IITs niti fms?

 Last date to submit application form for M.Mgt programme is 29th January 2018. Only 4 days remaining. 
Please submit the forms as early as possible to avoid technical glitches at the last moment !! All the best !  

ST candidates your percentile

  • 75-80
  • 90-95
  • 85-90
  • 95-99+
  • 80-95

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*Your suggestion might give me a direction ! * Hello friends. I secured 96.49%ile in Mahcet '18. I know I won't get good colleges there. Now I'm considering for CAT '18. What would be my chances to get in top iims /fms given my profile as : X 83.2, X|| 78.6 , UG 58.6 and 6 months international customer service exp in BPO. Passed BE( automobile engg) in 5 years in 2017. Please help I'm depressed and not getting any job offers. Category SC.

ST percentile

  • 60-70
  • 80-90
  • 70-80
  • 90-100
  • checking

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CAT:71.05 10th : 93.23% 12th : 89.17 % Graduation:67.7% Work experience:36 SC female Received call from IIMI,IIML,NEW IIMs What are my chances?

Please poll

  • IIFT wait list
  • IIFT Delhi converts
  • IIFT Kolkata converts

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A sneakpeak into Visakhapatnam, City of Destiny and IIM Visakhapatnam. 

Life at IIMV

PS: The video is little outdated

Hi all, In DSE (Delhi university) , i have appeared in sc candidates gd according to final gd pi results with my overall rank, i can take admission as general category.. Is it possible that i have appeared as sc student in DSE GDpi , can i take admission as a general student with my overall rank? Please help or share the link of rules

IIM Indore converts!SC candidate

  • joining

  • check poll

  • waiting for other results

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SC4 waitlisted in IITB SJMSOM

What are my chances?

Is there anyone who has converted IITB SJMSOM and not joining?

 This platform helped me in various ways to get an admission last year in IIM Calcutta. Let me know if any one of you have some doubts regarding IIMs. Will try to answer my best.