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#copied How to attempt SBI pre? Before reading this post I would like to make few things clear to you. 1. All the inf I share below are purely based on previous year's pattern. If there comes any new changes, the changes wil be new to all the lakhs of aspirants and hundreds of institutes. So plz dont blame me in future. tongue emoticon 2. I'm taking all the things as whole and saying u, if they differ frm ur opinion plz dont make dem a issue in comments and plz just inbox me, we can clarify it.. If there was anythng wrng I wil check myself and repost. . Coming to SBI pre xm.. Everyone knows 35+35+30 pattern. I dont want to waste the time. . Rules that fetch you success: Rule 1: Plan the exam before you write. Know the analysis of the exam through bankers adda or other sites and make sure u knw hw to write the exam tmmrw. Rule 2: Give your best Never guess how much the cutoff would be. Try to attempt as much as u can. Rule 3: Never waste time. Prelims is a place where u need to be very careful. Attempt only things which u knw, never waste 2 or more mints over any question.. Rule 4: Attempt section wise. Attempt atleast 20 qstns in each section, so dat u can clear sectional cutoffs. And after dat focus over eng or quant or rsng which is ur strength. So dat overall cutoff can be cleared. Coming to Analysis of individual sections try to attempt this way so dat u can score max marks within less time. Reasoning: Attempt the session always by searching 1. Syllogisms, (5 marks) 2. Inequalities, (5 marks) 3. Coding decoding, (5 marks) 4. Blood relations, (3 marks) 5. Ranking puzzle (2 marks). Try to cover the above 20 marks below 15 mins. After attempting 20 qstns in each section we can do puzzles. . . Quant: 1. Quadratic equations (5 marks) 2. Number series (5 marks) 3. Simplifications (5 marks) 4. DI (5 marks) 5. Approximations (5 marks) Try to attempt 18/25 qstns in 15 mins. Select qstns which are easy, never go fr lengthy calculations or dont waste time over series.. Only 3 out of 5 series can be attempted now a days for an average student like me.. SO plan accordingly without wasting time.. . . English: 1. Attempt RC if it is based on story or simple one, never read it if it was related to economy. If we r good at reading dem u can definitely read it and ans... But for those who are avg at english read it only if it is a story. 2. Attempt meanings and opposite over RC. Read the line above and below where the bold word has printed. U can knw wat it means.. so u can gather 5 marks within 3 or 4 mints.. 3. Attempt para jumble if it is a story or else stay away frm it. If u practice daily i can guess wat frst and last sentence was.. Give a try if u practice it daily. 4. Try to attempt rest of the paper. Attempt dis section for atleast 15 mins or u can pack up in 10 mins... If u carefully observe u have 15 more mins remaining so dat we can go to the area on which we have grip and attain max marks in dat section.. . . There is no magic wand in my hand guys.. Dont expect much frm me.. I'm an avg student wit avg performance.. For those who prepared daily its just a route map.. even though many knw this i just want to tell this, so dat even one may get benefit (Esp beginners).. I hope u like dis post..

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