SBI PO 2016 Official Thread

Let us become SBI employee together.

SBI PO Prelims 2015 Cutoff

Gen - 47.5

OBC - 42.25

SC -37.25 

ST - 19.75

Guys add your friends to this thread to start discussing about various sections for the exam!

The only reason i came into banking sector .


Reasoning Puzzle!!

Ten persons : A through J - sit in 2 rows, in such a way that five persons sit in row-I facing North and five persons sit in row-II facing South. Each person in row-I is facing exactly one person from row-II. The following information is known about them. . Only two persons sit between C and the person who is opposite D. . The total number of persons to the left of I and the total number of persons to the left of F is equal but is not equal to two. . One among I and F is opposite A. B and I are not on the same side. . A maximum number of persons sit between G and C. J is second to the right of B. . Neither J nor H is opposite C. A is not on the same side as H. B is facing North.

Po notification has arrived Kya?

IMO lets start discussing about current affairs! It will help us a lot for the exam! 

Then we will just need to revise again!

The capital of 4 partners A B C and D are in the ratio of 7:8:6:5.A's and C's capitals are there in the business for the entire year .If each partner kept his money invested in the buisness for a period which is more than 6 months and B and D together get 111/267 of the total profit,then for how many months is D's capital invested?

A, B and C can finish a job working alone in 15, 20 and 25 days respectively. However, while working with somebody the efficiency of A,Band C reduces by 30%, 20% and 50% respectively. If none of them is allowed to work for three consecutive days, then what is the maximum possible fraction of the job that they can complete in four days?

A dishonest shopkeeper cheats both his supplier and the customer. He cheats his supplier by 25% and his customer by 40% and claims to sell his articles at the cost price. Find his total profit.(%)

Guys is bar SBI PO ka exam hoga ya nahi.??

Twoo horsess start trotting towars each other from  Band A.they cross each other after 1 hour.the first horse reaches B 5/6 hr before the second horse reaches A.dist b/w A and B is 50 km.what is the speed of slower horsee?? 


Plz tell soln....

Train X starts from point A for point B and train Y starts from point B to point A.point A and B are 300 km apart.the trains are moving at a constant speed atleast 25km/hr.the train meet each otber 3 hr after their start.if the faster train takes aeast 2 moree hourss to reach the destination. By which time the slower train havee definatelyy reachedd its destinationn(ignoringg leanth of trains in crossingg)??

Ans...7.5 hrs aftr they startt...

Soln btaoo frndss....

ny 1 knows complaintt number for carrerr powerr speed testss??

Has anyone filled the SBI Clerk form 2016? How did you fill the 'District' field? I have tried several times but it remains 'cold'.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are eight employees working in three departments - Marketing, Finance and Production - in an organisation with at least two of them in any department. Each of them has a different choice of TV channels from Star, Zee, ESPN, DD, Sony, NDTV, Aaj Tak and BBC not necessarily in the same order.

D likes ESPN and he works in Production department with only G. B and F do not work in the same department. H likes DD and does not work in Finance department. A does not work in the same department with either F or C, who does not work in Marketing department. E works with C in the same department and likes Star. B likes Aaj Tak and none of his colleagues in the department likes either Sony or NDTV. G likes Zee. F does not like Sony.

1. Which channel does A like?

1) DD 2) NDTV 3) BBC 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these

2. In which department does F work?

1) Marketing 2) Production 3) Finance 4) Marketing or Finance 5) None of these

3. Which channel does F like?

1) Zee 2) NDTV 3) BBC 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these

4. Which of the following groups work in Marketing department?

1) BAC 2) BGE 3) HBE 4) BAE 5) None of these

5. In which department does B work?

1) Marketing 2) Production 3) Finance 4) Data inadequate 5) None of these


Will SBI Conduct PO exam this year?

Noya drives into the city to buy a software program at a computer store. Because of traffic conditions, she averages only 15 mi/h. On her drive home she averages 35 mi/h. If the total travel time is 2 hours, how long does it take her to drive to the computer store?

Hey guyz...any idea frm where to prepare d DI nd marketing