SBI junior associate West Bengal

Whoever is selected for SBI junior associate West Bengal cadre.. Please join the group

Welcome all

plz add me

my name surajit karmakar

Please share the link to all selected candidates

Any information regarding  LPT???

anyone from siliguri??

Mr Patidar, can u PL let us know how u will get all the email IDs of all selected candidates

Any idea about medical? Do we need to do it before lpt or after? If before then is there any sbi recognised diagnostic centre list?

Anyone from Balurghat??

Guys please tell how the lpt will be done?

anyone has dv before 10 nov

my college is closed for puja..... m not able to get character certificate from there. but i have character certificate from two Gazetted officers. Is character certificate from college mandatory even if we have it from two Gazetted officers???? please reply

anyone from Haldia???

i have DV on 13th . any one else?

Anyone has dv after 15 November???

I want all the information regarding Medical Test. First I have to go for complete Medical and eye test after that I have to get it signed by an MD qualified doctor bss na ??

my name is NARAYAN BARICK.can i do medical from any reputed pathology centre in my choice. because there is no list of medical center enclosed in offer letter. I am from west bengal

Hii. I've completed my graduation in 2017. Graduation certificate for the year 2017 is not issued by the University of Calcutta till now. Whether mark-sheet of graduation, is sufficient in place of graduation certificate.  Please let me know about my queries.  

Will I have to write a letter and read a newspaper fluently in LPT? Quiet worried about my LPT. What if I didn't qualified. I will get the appointment letter or not if I fail in the LPT

Can anyone please tell me that Is Revenue Officer is equivalent to Executive Magistrate?? My OBC certificate is signed by Revenue Officer...