SBI Clerk 2018 - Delhi Region Only

A Dedictated Group for Delhi Region Candidates

🌟Challenging Words🌟 1)Scrap (verb)  (रद्द करना) : es-krap Meaning  -discard or remove from service/abolish or cancel (a plan, policy, or law). Synonyms -   abandon, remove, cancel, eliminate Antonyms -keep, restore, preserve Example -He supports the idea that road tax should be scrapped. 2)Accrue (verb)  (वृद्धि होना) : ak-ru Meaning - accumulate or receive (payments or benefits) over time/(of a benefit or sum of money) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time Synonyms -   arise, accumulate, grow,  ensue Antonyms -decrease,dissipate,disperse Example - Even though a traditional savings count will accrue a small amount of interest every year, other types of investments are better hedges against inflation. 3)Distortionary (adjective)  (विकृत) : dis-tor-s-nary Meaning - The act or an instance of giving a misleading or false account or impression of. Synonyms -   misrepresenting, twisting, misreporting Antonyms - truth 4)Equity (noun)  (मूल्य, स्वामित्व,) : ek-vity Meaning - the value of the shares issued by a company./the quality of being fair and impartial. Synonyms -  value, worth, ownership, rights, proprietorship Example -He owns 62% of the Tata group's equity 5)Erosion (noun) (गिरावट) : ero-zun Meaning - the gradual destruction or diminution of something. Synonyms -  destruction, deterioration, spoiling, weakening. Antonyms  - gain, increase Example - Due to the erosion of support for the Congress party, it is almost congress mukt Bharat. 6)Well off (noun)  (धनी) : well-off Meaning - having goods, property, or money in abundance Synonyms -   rich, wealthy, affluent Antonyms -unaffluent deprived, disadvantaged Example - Higher tax rates are levied on the well-off by the government. 7)Tough love (noun) – (किसी व्यक्ति की एक लत या अन्य समस्या को दूर करने में उनकी मदद करने के लिए उनके साथ बहुत सख्त होने का अभ्यास प्रक्रिया) :  Meaning -A political policy designed to encourage self-help by restricting state benefits./the practice of being very strict with someone who has an addiction or other problem in order to help them overcome the problem/ Example -Harsh words, but priceless advice,  that's what they call the tough loveof a true friend.

Bas 4 bndo ne hi delhi se bhra hai kya 😂 Hahahah Khas aisa hota mza aa jata



can anyone please share the score card of SBI Clerk 2018 Mains' score card ?