This group is for all the candidates who got selected for SBI AMSY Interview .

Guys, please share if you know any SBI AMSY interview experience links. If anyone has given the interview earlier, please share your experience. This would help all of us in preparing better 😃 I have found this link:

I hav been qualified for sbi assistant m

gr system 1 .i am from electronics background 2013 passout , what kind of interview question can be asked pls let me know..

Hi Friends ...

PFB my last year SBI SO Interview exp 

Venue: SBI Corporate Center, Mumbai

Date: Aug 13 1 PM Slot

Overall SBI staffs were very cordial and the hospitality provided by them was of top notch class.

First they started with document verification (Mostly they ll start @ correct time. In my case I reached the office 11 AM itself and they have started the Doc verification exactly @ 1 PM)

They have provided Snacks(Biscuits & Sandwiches) and coffee during Doc verification & Delicious buffet lunch also free for candidates.

They have verified all educational documents from (SSLC to degree) and we have to do self attestation on all photocopies.

* One Photo ID proof (even though it is not mentioned in the call letter, they asked this as mandatory)

* SSLC to Degree certificates

* Experience letter ( Since Im working currently I just submitted the 'Proof of Employment' Certificate)

* Caste certificate (For OBC certificate they ll check whether the issued date matching with the period given on advertisement)

We have to hand over the ticket copies at that time(Train or Bus or Flight). in TA form we have to fill our Bank details for which they ll post the TA amount(In my case I traveled by flight and they gave assurance that you ll get the 3 tier AC Fare. Which ll be around 3600 from my native. But they gave only 2400 as TA. When I checked with them they said that they have taken the exact distance from my native to Mumbai and then multiplied with some factors for 3 tier ac. But actually train runs on different route and I lost 1200 due to their logic. So if you are not going by train at least show them the Train fare from ur place to interview center. so that you can avoid such losses)

After document verification we have to wait in a lounge. Since I was no 2 in my slot I completed my doc verification by 1:30 and my interview starts at 2:40 There were 4 members in my panel(3M + 1F). All were aged above 40 and they were very cordial & helpful

M1: Tell me abt yourself

Me: Answered.

M1:(Interrupting in btw) when did you completed ur Btech

Me: 2010

M1: So you are working now

Me: Answered

M1: What sort of work you do ? whats your position and work timings Me: Answered

M1: it seems you are doing a great job there, Why u r leaving that job Me: I have told the truth. (Im working on one legacy system which is almost came to an end. Getting projects now a days is difficult.So im leaving) Seems they are not satisfied with my answer

M1: If you want to switch to some other technologies then you can do that with in ur organization right?

Me: I have explained some practical difficulties on that point but still his face didnt show any sign of satisfaction 😃

Then he asked  M2 to continue..

M2: It seems he knows about my college and some info abt that city. So he started with that how is ur city. I was there once and like....

M2: He asked about my relationship with clients and how my exp ll be helpful in SBI

Me: Answered. Since i have exp in support and maintenance projects .. I can handle customers easily. something like that...

M2: Then he asked abt onsite opportunities in my company..

Me: Answered

L1: what is DBMS and how it is helpful to Banking

Me: explained abt ACID properties and some applications of DBMS

M3: what is the diff btwn Data warehousing and Data mining

Me: Answered

Thats it.

Over all its a nice experience for me. And I have been awarded 20 out of 25.( I could see some girls got 25 out of 25 though they are having no work experience. So both fresher and exp persons are carrying equal chances. So dont frustrate if u r not having any IT exp.)

All the Best Puys :) 

What do you think the cutoff for the online test can be for the general candidates?

  • 51-55
  • 40-45
  • 46-50
  • 56-60
  • 60

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It's gonna be 1:3

someone plz share what all documents are required for interview

Did anybody got mail from SBI ?

Guys im qaulified for SBI ASS MNGR SYSTEM written exam but i dont have any work experience will they allow me to give interview ?

which job are u doing now? want 2 know regarding exp of all the selected candidates

Anybody, who got Bangalore as interview location??

What was the last year cutoff?

Please select option

  • I hv professional experience
  • I dnt hv professional experience

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Select your category

  • OBC
  • SC
  • ST
  • General

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Hw many questions u attempted

  • 36-40
  • 46 - 50
  • 26-30
  • 41 - 45
  • 31-35
  • 21-25

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Any one without NOC ?? Will they allow or what to do if not get noc

Morning shift 17 Jan 2016 SBI AMSY.

Can any body remember question on Normalized representation of real number like one or my memory is just distorted 

Your sbi so shift

  • Evening shift
  • Morning shift

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Any one got mail from sbi ?

They uploaded bio data form...but call letter for intervier is showing will start soon