Save the Environment

Hi all, I am a new user of “PG” and was searching for a genuine thread which tells some easy tips to save the environment. Since i was not able to find it…i am starting it myself… Hope it helps… Some of the easy steps which i can te…

guys any more ideas ??????????????

nice noble thread ,...

well my few cents ..

too many people are drilling holes(bores , motors ) too deep ,, i think there should be some sort of regulation ,,

in general we can try to minimise energy consumption ,, petrol, electricity , etc

plastics are a no no ,,

water contamination is a serious issue ,and needs due attention,

need more trees ,, respect other living beings ,, atb!!!

and i think the main problem is the energy and if we can find an alternative energy source(solar) then voila!! ,, half problem solved

I agree in case of alternative energy sources "Solar" for example are costly in the initial which is hindering its progress..although it may prove very cost effective in long run...

My favourite take:
Use public transport as much as possible. Many a times i see a huge car or SUV going with only 1 person sitting inside.....Total fools.....
Also take your car/bike to the nearest pollution checking centre for testing regularly.......
When u are going alone to some nearby place, use a bicycle or a bike. Saves Fuel.

Although this trick is like a drop of water in the sea.

To charge your android phones instead of using the direct electricity,use the connecting wire which is used to transfer the data this will not hamper your phone battery life and will also save some amount of energy.

Hope it helps..

Make the price of the notepad so less that each and every student uses it at his very early age and stop writing on the papers !

This would decrease the cutting of plant of course but on the other hand would increase the amount of junk produced, since creation of a single Desktop or Laptop also generated huge amount of garbage...


Save the Environment - 'Say No to Plastics'

One very useful site:

This stands for Pure Air Lovers Society.
Gives the pollution facts and really easy and useful ideas for reducing pollution.

I am a student of GLA. GLA is the only place where we are taught several good things. Time to time university launches several awareness programs.. Recent awareness program was about how to Conserve trees.Not only in university it was also launched in social networking sites of the university like facebook etc. Students from all the departments actively participated in it.

Along with studies students should learn how to protect and love mother nature. Its a good initiative by any college who has a seperate club for nature. GLA University, Mathura is one such University. It has a sepertae club for nature known as Nature club. This club started in GLA in june 2010 with a motto to induce in GLA students an understanding, love and care for nature and help them to take responsible decision about the environment. The mission of this club is to stop the degradation of plants and trees and to build a future where humans live in peace and harmony with nature. This club had participated and promised to participate in activities like planting trees, visit botanical gardens, nature study trips etc.