Sample Interview Questions

Hey friends lets try to answer sm sample interview questions,hope different people' viewpoints will help in our final interview answers :

Pl ans with mentioning the que no 😃

  1. Most important: Why do you want to join banking sector? 
  2. Most important: What if you're posted in remote area far away from your hometown? Are you ok with that? Will you be comfortable posted in rural or naxal areas? Who will look after your family?
  3. What is guarantee that you'll not leave banking sector? You seem too young and confused to handle the job pressure here. (Yes, they've asked this in past!)
  4. If you're a branch manager, how will you increase the profit of the branch? How will you attract more customers? (Hint: Branch manager is not a door to door salesman. his strategy has to be bigger.)
  5. If bank introduces a new home loan product, how will you sell it? 
  6. A customer has made FD of 10 lakhs, but within 6 months, he comes back to break his FD for to purchase a car. How will you handle? 
  7. What are three points that make you better banker than people sitting outside?
  8. What is the most recent bank related advertisement you've seen. And what do you think about it? Was it attractive or was it poorly designed?
  9. As a customer if you've to open a bank account, which bank will you chose? What factors will you consider before picking a bank?
  10. In which bank do you have an account already? How you feel as a customer? If you were in working in the same bank, what initiatives will you take for more customer satisfaction?
  11. Assume that you have been selected and after you probation period you are posted somewhere in India as a Branch Manager and Branch is in not a good position. What steps you will take to bring it on right path?
  12. IF you have being allotted target to increase business in some backward area, what will you do?
  13. In your branch suppose following happens, what will you do?a.)A poor person has come, he has no documents for KYC form but he wishes to open account. b.)electricity is gone and customers are complaining c) Some staff member is on leave and customers are getting restless.