SAIL MT(T/A) 2015

Dear friends I have changed the Group name only to update.Prepare ...and prepare.Be encouraged.SAIL is a good  place from where u can sail ur lives  into vast sea of Life 


Friends,this thread is useful to those who are preparing for SAIL MTT/MTA and those who could not make it this year.I congratulate who are in and I want to encourage those who are out ,please use this thread for discussion about preparation .

Registration - April

Exam july to sep
Go through your barnch level marerials for papaer 1 of 100 marks and for paper 2 ,GS portion PO level ...Maths,Eng,GK,Reasoning,of 100 marks ,CUT OFF is very secret
keep visting SAIL sites

wats ur brnch ?

honestly friends i don't know the reason why i was not selected after giving a stupendous interview and GD.. please everyone start sharing the reasons you feel were responsible for your not being selected as this reflection or introspection will help us avoid pitfalls in the future..if and when we are selected the second time..

Notification out!

@ranjeetanjana @kplight @ecetrip @ecetrip
@ranjeetanjana ...on what basis u say...?..can't agree...

Can someone please post the contact details of the HR department. One of my friends have confusion regarding her eligibility.

@Can someone tell me that whether we need 60% in graduation to apply in marketing from SC/ST background??

ranjeet bhai hw to prepare???from whr to prepare???

Do we have a choice of posting after selection??

ny1 applying 4 finance ??????

@metallurgy hv u filled up d form ??????? d site is vry slw

@Dimpal not yet.

It takes one year for the whole admission process. SAIL MT 2012 guys joined SAIL in March 1st Week 2013. That tells the story.

hw shall v apply... d link is nt wrking at all
@Dimpal wait for 2 or 3 days
@metallurgy okkk .. i thought .. nly i m facing dis prob.
@metallurgy hey ... d form is dere.. let me fill