Sharing of queries

does anyone have syllabus for mt materials?

MT Material 

Syllabus and any book to follow? Please

How was your exam guys? What will be a safe score for getting selected for gd /interview

What is your expected score for SAIL MTA Materials?

When can we expect the results of first round?

Is SAIL MTA results are out????

Its been more than a month after written test. When can we expect the results ? Anyone spoke with hr or known persons in sail?

Have been called for interview. Anyone from Andhra?

Anyone selected from Delhi ?

When will marks be posted

Anyone from Kolkata?

Anyone from Mumbai ?

any one from kolkata..??

Guys there any information regarding rank in SAIL MT HR?

anybody cleared SAIL MT admin? it will be helpful to form a group... (REPLACE Q WITH W)

Anyone having interview on 5th in kolkata for marketing ???

How was MTA Materials interview/GD?

I filed an RTI. They didn't provide the cutoff. They will disclose after the results it seems.

Any idea about SAIL MT Technical shortlist for interview