Rutgers Business School Fall 2010 Applicants

Hi All, Anyone applying for MBA program at Rutgers Business School (Newark & New Brunswick)?? I have applied for the Fall 2010 intake and have been invited for interview. If anyone has been interviewed please post your experience here. …

Hi All,

Anyone applying for MBA program at Rutgers Business School (Newark & New Brunswick)??

I have applied for the Fall 2010 intake and have been invited for interview. If anyone has been interviewed please post your experience here.

Pls give a brief profile like this:

GMAT: 600
TOEFL iBT: 104
Undergrad GPA: 3.63 BCom
Graduate GPA: 3.37 MCom
Work ex: 3 years Audit & Recruitments

No one????????????/?????

Hey Kini444,

I too have applied for fall 2010 MBA at Rutgers.

My app is not yet complete as my educational credentials have not yet reached them.

Let me know your interview experience.


My interview was pretty good. You have applied to Newark & New Brunswick campus right??
Interview questions:

What is the best thing about my current job and the thing that I like the least?
Why Rutgers?
Which other universities have you applied to?
If your friends were to tell me 3 things about you, what would they be?
Diff situation at work and how i tackled it?
Any out of the box creative solution given by me at work?
What would I bring to the table and why would they chose me?

I just remeber these.

Yes, I've applied to the Newark & New Brunswick campus.

Thanks for the interview questions man. I had a chat with one of the current students at Rutgers. He said its pretty good for finance over there. But there are no scholarships for international students 😞
...and the tuition is also quite high..35000 approx per year!!

How do u plan to finance ur education if u choose Rutgers? I'm assuming ull get accepted as uve said that ur interview went well 😃

I got accepted at Rutgers.
I will finance through family funds. I have also got admitted to CUNY Baruch FT Honors MBA so im nt sure which one il pick. CUNY offers GA's so that can help funding.
I hv also gt waitlisted at UIUC

Congrats man!! you're doing really well...already admits from 2 schools and waitlisted by UIUC...pretty impressive!!
I got dinged by UIUC 😞

Ohhh thats sad!! But its nt like ill gt thru UIUC. I must be one of the 100 students waitlisted so chances are like very less..
Did you hear from Rutgers? Uv applied to Baruch as well??

Thank You so much for the interview questions.

I've also recieved an interview call from Rutgers Newark a few days back.

I wanted to ask that whether it is a video interview over skype or an audio one. Around what time did you give your interview??

Also how long does the interview last ??

I've also applied to Baruch college...Still no reply from them..Do they have an interview requirement as well ???

I forgot to say Congratulations to you in my earlier post..Congrats Friend...My first choices are CUNY and Rutgers newark..Hope I get accepted by them as well..

Rutgers interview lasted 25-30 mins. They asked for a skype interview but my internet is kinda screwed up so i requested a telephonic interview. But I had to make the call at the given time.

CUNY Baruch also has interviews. You will be notified for the same. That interview was also 30 mins.

What is your profile

Undergrad study : Engineering
Undergrad GPA:3.09
Work Ex: 1 yr part time
1 yr full time

I have already sent out an email giving the date and time and saying I will be comfortable with the skype interview..Can I change that?? I mean, what if i have a connection trouble at that time??

Also, are the interview questions for CUNY similar ??

Have you decided what college are you going to ??

Well, you can request them to conduct a telephonic. If your connection is good then good for you. But in skype they can see you/your body language coz there is a webcam. In telephonic they can only hear. You can refer to points from a paper if they cant see you.

CUNY I was asked many questions to see my behavioural fit. You can check out the question on another thread. I have created a thread on pagalguy for that. So you can refer. Sorry dont wana type again!!

I am 99% taking up CUNY Baruch.

Looked through almost all threads under your name..Couldnt find the one with CUNY intervew questions...can you pls post the link here or copy and paste the answers here...Please ...

Also wanted to ask, how did you prepare for the interview ?? I mean any specific places on the net except pagalguy..if yes pls paste those links here as well...if you can..

Hi Kini,

Congrats on ur CUNY admit

Can u tell me whats the tuition fee for CUNY MBA ?

My profile : 660 / 6 yrs = IT + Commercial Shipping

I suppose CUNY is good only for finance considering its inthe heart of NYC !

U think I should apply ?



I got done with my Rutgers interview..The interviewer said it was good. I was asked some of the questions you listed but in a very different manner. I was also asked questions like,
1. What would be your legacy, if you do anything in life. Or what would you be remembered for 10 yrs down the line.
2. If you were in a group with a stubborn team member who doesnt value your opinion what would you do ??
3. What would i know about you from your rutgers collegues if you were admitted?
The interview lasted 30 mins exactly.
Also I believe anyone preparing for an interview should have a thorough knowledge of the course and school. And you must ask good questions to the interviewer at the end.Probably they're judging you on that too.
Hopefully I'll get an admit.
Thanks again Kini444 !!


is anyone joining rutgers???.......................i have got an admit from baruch 2....................cant decide which i should go???.............. how do u guys rate baruch against rutgers?????