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  " At last I contacted two ESM both were from navy and released in July 2013. I got very imported information both of them. Both were selected in banks and in RRB 03/2012 one was in GG and one was in ASM. One was joined in bank and another was left bank and joined in ASM. I Contacted the bank employ personally but unable to contact ASM personally. I contacted him on phone because he was posted MUNGUDA small station in forest area in Orissa.  First I talked bank employee he said that it was boring job daily routine work but peaceful life and first Jan 2018 it going to be five days a week and sufficient time to fulfil all family requirements and I am able monitor and educate daily to my children. I am happy that what purpose I left service now I fulfilling them bank is far more than railways.  After that bank employ gave the phone number of ASM. After few hours I called him first he said I am on duty call me at night when I called at around 1930 he said call me at 2200hr. I called aft 2200hrs I asked about Job profile of ASM he simply said defence is more batter than railway in that ASM is the worst job ever in govt. Job. He was the only SM in that station 24 hrs round the clock and very few trains passing the station and two or three trains stops at that station that time we have to present at station remaining time be at quarter which is besides the station. He was away from family since 20 days and asking for leave and reliever from the last 05 days till now no action taken by Hq Ecor . That station is in dense forest area. In may 2018 HE GOING to complete first transfer period 3 yrs if he get good place of transfer than he will continue. Otherwise he will going to leave railways. Because he is having 10 yrs son and 7 yrs daughter and unable to spend the time with family. I am asking about the salary. He replied money is not everything in life I was experienced. I discussed lot of issues. Everything is unable to type sorry for that. I observed in his voice that he was very stressed and frustrated with job.  Finally, both are having same opinion that if you r having choice between railway and other job. Than go for other and don't join railways. If u will have joined by having choice for other sector than there is no meaning of leaving the service  In banks you will also get ASM ( asst. Manager). This option gives only for esms after 03 year depending upon ur performance because your salary almost equals to ASM except benefit"