RRB PO VI RL for Karnataka

Only rrb po Reserve list candidates allowed

Hi guys

Please post all of ur marks who were in reserved list from Karnataka??

Hello friends..

guys missed by 0.43 marks any chances general

Collect some more

Guys already watsap group is there for Karnataka rrb po RL if u want to join drop ur no and already 4 members are there in watsap group.. Thanq

Till now I collected dis scores

guys missed by 0.10 marks any chances general

Any update

why they have given 25 percentage for reserved list this year ..last year 10 per only ..any one knows

 Can any veterans or knowledgeable and serious aspirants here please answer... In what way is it logical to announce the results of reserve list of a season, 1 day before the final results of next season? If it would have been, 1 day before the last date of application of the next season, then at least, looking at our results, we can choose from applying or not. I kindly request everyone here to please enlighten me regarding this. Is there, at least one, somewhere, who is benefitted by this illogical policy. Is it time to teach them a lesson by a campaign? So that, in future, lakhs of candidates will be benefitted, if result comes, 1 day before the last date of application of the next season!!! If you don't want to comment, at least participate in the poll. Are all the competitive exams following the same rule? Please guide me... Or, is it just like, that was the trend which was set and it is just followed even today, without giving it a second thought, like we see in our country, many things are just followed blindly...is this one amogst them??? or does it make any sense??? Or worst case scenario is, if a candidate is in reserve list of a previous season of both OS1 and OA and if he clears both and again if he is manages to clear both OS1 and OA of the next season, then when he chooses one, rest 3 are wasted. 3 SEATS ARE WASTED. ONLY WE KNOW ITS IMPORTANCE. 

  • I’m a silent reader. I don’t want to participate.
  • No. There’s some logic behind which I’ll explain in comments.
  • Yes. It is completely illogical.

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39.55 OBC Karnataka

RRB PO reserve list declared?

hi guys is there any group RRB 6 OA karnataka reserve list

Guys I am going to prepare complete list (60) of RESERVE LIST of OFFICER SCALE-1 of OBC - Karnataka.

Plz mention your (ONLY OBC)




Phone Number.

25% approximately means not exactly 25% and that too availbe of posts and candidates they will take RL, last year in KA state total 410 that means 10%means 41 gen but they taken 29 members under RL

any groups for RRB PO VII for karnataka  pls let me know 

 KARNATAKA??RESERVE LIST?? what's the status guys?? Anybody know any updates?? 

Anyone qualified scale1 under reserve list in Karnataka