RRB ALP& Technicians Secunderabad Board 2nd Stage

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23rd JAN 3rd shift Mechanic T.V and Radio questions

1. In a R-S flip-flop under SET conditions values of R&S

2. OCT to Binary Conversion

3. In Amplitude Modulation What are transfered

4. Full Duplexer definition

5. Current gain and Output Impedance In Common Collector

6. Dopping % in Emitter

7.Which coupling is suitable for impedance matching

8. If no Picture and no sound which amplifier is responsible

9. In India Tv system uses PAL Type

10. In TV remote which sensor is used-Infrared sensor

11. For 3.1 Audio System consists of

12. Full form of DTS in movie Theatre

13. JEPG Full form

14. Advantage of FM over AM

15. In which logic gates ouput is high when both inputs are equal

16. Output waveform of Time Base generator

17. One shot Multivibrator is Known as Monostable Multivibrator

18. In Transformer what is constant , Phase, Freq, Voltage,Current

19. To increase Ammeter Range What is connected-Shunt resistance

20. With help of Modulation what is reduced- Antenna Size, Bandwidth

21. In a Voltage regulator- shunt is across load, zener is across load, shunt is across zener.......

22. Condition For Thermal Runway in Transistor

23. At Resonance V/I=?

24. What is Kirchoff's Junction Law?

25. In FM demodulation is done at-Descriminator

26. IF RF signal frequency is 1545 Khz Then Local oscillator Frequency will be?=1545+455=2000khz

27. In India Video channel Bandwidth is 7MHz

28. Hartley oscillator is used at-radio receiver.....

29. which of the following is NOT wireless communication-Ans-OFC

30. Which Rectifier is widely used- Bridge Rectifier

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21 jan 1st electronics mechanic i got 72 in part a but only 15 in part b is there any chance after normalisation

jan 23rd shift-3 Part A marks with trade Maths Phy Chemistry; Electronic Mechanic; T.V Radio and Mechanic only secunderabad candidates share ur marks