Rrb Alp and technician 2018 22 jan shift 3

Post created for finding wrong questions if any.


MINE: 80.33

Bro mera only 54 gen

Any wrong question in this shift

Bhai electrician kiska kiska th 22 jan 3rd shift kitna no.... Aaya

For Qstn 19..ans should be 4 ryt???

Part B electrician kuch galat hai kya????

ye sign waale ques me 2 and 4 option dono shi hai

23rd jan 3rd shift er kono grp a6e?

Wrong questions in 22 jan 3rd shift (100% sure) Question ID 7079662828 Q. Water temp increase from 0 to 4 degree then volume Given ans: same Correct ans: reduced Question ID 7079662899 Q. Village girl (directions wala) Given ans: 10 Km west Correct ans: 4 Km east Question ID 7079662829 Q. Phase change from ice to water Given ans: temperature increase Correct ans: absorption of heat

Bhai 28 ki english bhejna please

22nd 3rd shift electrician ke kaun kaun se question wrong h ??

22 Jan second shift part A part B objection questions and answers ho to btaye.. Mera no part A 55 part B 25.33 PCM.. So sad

Ye sahi hai Google me answer analog hai

kisi ka koi error aa raha hai kya objection bharte time?

22 jan 2018 3rd shift ... your marks... please comment with rrb boards

  • 70-75
  • 80

  • 76-80
  • <70

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22 jan 3rd shift... kitne object kiye questions?

Kitne marks?

  • <50
  • 81-90
  • 91-95
  • Bhai Phad diya paper
  • 50-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80

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is this group still active??