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Hey Pg’s, Here’s RPI - Lally Admissions and we are here to interact with you all and to give you more information about our MBA program. We offer good scholarships with an average of 50%, which can vary based on the profile of the cand…

Hey Pg's,

Here's RPI - Lally Admissions and we are here to interact with you all and to give you more information about our MBA program.

We offer good scholarships with an average of 50%, which can vary based on the profile of the candidate.

Our MBA program is different form the rest, in the way that the whole program is uniquely focused on technology.

The concentrations we offer are listed below but students are free to choose their own subjects and form their concentration:

- MIS- Business Analytics

- Finance- Supply Chain Management

- Financial Engineering and Risk Analytics

- Marketing - New Product Development

- Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

- Technology Entrepreneurship

Also with our new analytics program, students can choose to form a MIS + Business Analytics concentration and look for careers in consulting.

We require a minimum GMAT of 600, however we consider the overall application for the final decision.

Hope we would be able to help you all...

Lally School proudly announces the launch of RPI - IBM collaborated Business Analytics program.

To know more about how analytics is transforming business take a look at the below panel discussion:

Industry Transformation Through Big Data and Business Analytics


T. (Ravi) Ravichandran ::Lally School of Management & Technology :: The Business School at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

IBM Archives: IBM Women in technology IBM Women Fellows profile for Brenda Dietrich

Boston Analytics Leadership

William Kelly, President, Treo Solutions, The Healthcare Transformation Company

Greg Moran | Chequed

Lally School Dean talks about collaboration of RPI - Lally School and IBM - Bloomberg Businessweek

IBM Brings Big Data to Business School

Lally School will be participating in the MBA TOUR 2013 :-

The schedule for India is detailed below:

Chennai - Thursday - September 19

Bangalore - Saturday - September 21

Delhi - Monday - September 23

Ahmedabad - Wednesday - September 25

Mumbai - Saturday - September 28

Hope you join us there, and we would be happy to answer your questions and give you more insight about our programs

Here's the link to a good video

What You Didn't Learn About Market Positioning, But Should Have!

Have you ever thought about the nonavailability of reimbursement as a new product opportunity? Marketing professionals are aware of the 4 P's that illustrate the strategic positioning of a product. Learn more about recognizing new opportunities in market positioning from a medical device perspective.

Speaker: Ms. Susan Dubay is Sr. Manager, Medical and Clinical Affairs at Welch Allyn

Former Lally School Professor Publishes Book on Technological Innovation

Dr. Herbert I. Fusfeld, former professor and director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy at the Rensselaer Lally School has published a monograph, Technological Innovation: Why the U.S. Leads. The book also includes a forward from Lally School Dean Tom Begley.

Here's a quick look into our MBA program:

We have a set of 13 core courses as detailed below:

Accounting for Reporting and Control

Creating and Managing an Enterprise I

Economics and Institutions

Statistics and Operations Management I

Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing I

Professional Development Workshop

DesignManufacturing, and Marketing II

Financial Management I

Professional Development Workshop

Strategy, Technology, and Competition I

Information Systems for Management

Business Implications of Emerging Technologies

Practicum in Management

We have have 4 electives for a 1 year MBA program, and 9 electives for a 2 year program.

Students are free to take electives from any department of RPI, and form their own concentration, other than the concentrations that are listed in the previous posts.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our program, we would be happy to help...😃

Rensselaer Lally School Student Named The Business Review's2012 Future Financial Executive.

Each year, the publication's CFO of the Year program includes this prestigious honor, which is awarded to a college student, graduate or undergraduate, in the Capital Region with a strong interest and potential for a career in finance.

Steven Porzio '12 credits the strong foundation of academics and student resources at Rensselaer in both business and technology with his ability to be a competitive candidate in his current job search process.

Wanted to let you guys know that the - Last date for all programs offered by the Lally School has been extended to June 19th

Hope to see your application...😁

The Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Applications (IDEA) Anchors a New Era of Research and Discovery at the Nation's Oldest Technological Research University
The Rensselaer IDEA: Harnessing the Power of Data to Change the World

Lally School offers a MBA concentration as well as a MS degree in Business Analytic's and students can immensely benefit from the overall expertise and impetus that RPI is giving on Big Data

Learn more about what RPI is doing -

Ron Frazier, a Lally MBA alumni, recently appointed as the Chief Operating Officer at USmax Corporation

The Paper Battery Co., a Troy, NY startup, founded by Shreefal Mehta, RPI - Lally MBA Alumni, developing a paper-thin energy technology, has been named to a Silicon Valley list for the 50 hottest early-stage tech companies

Preparing for Global: Using Management and Technology to Bridge Markets

Admissions - RPI - Lally School Of Management & Technology

Joseph B. Gross, a Rensselaer Lally School MBA alumnus, recently appointment as president and general manager of BrassCraft Manufacturing

Lally School MBA/M.S. Admissions Office is coming to a city near you!

Follow Rensselaer Lally School MBA/M.S. Admissions on the road with our new blog as we connect with students who have a passion for technology and innovation.

Check out our schedule of events to look for when we are coming to your city!

Prof T. Ravichandran (Associate Dean for Research and a Professor in the Lally School of Management & Technology, RPI) would be visiting Chennai - India next week (Aug 6th - 13th) and would be talking on the topic listed below:

Business Analytics: The Next Frontier in the Strategic Use of Information Technology

The amount of data generated has been exploding at an exponential rate for quite some time. Business analytics has emerged as an important phenomenon aimed at harnessing this data and is expected to transform decision making in organizations. Almost all sectors of the economy are undergoing significant change because of this data driven approach to decision making. In this talk, Prof Ravi will discuss how organizations are creating value through analytics and the challenges they face.

He will also highlight the career opportunities in two emerging fields, Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management. The talk will also provide information about the two new graduate programs one in Business Analytics and the other in Supply Chan Management, recently launched by the Lally school of Management, RPI.

Below are the dates and venue:

August 6th, VIT @ their Vellore campus

August 8th, Henry Maudslay Hall, Anna University, Chennai, 11.30 am - 12.30 pm

August 13th, Conference hall #3, IC & SR, IIT, Madras, 5.30 pm - 6 pm

Speaker Bio

T. Ravichandran is the Associate Dean for Research and a Professor in the Lally School of Management & Technology, RPI. He is an affiliated faculty in the Information Technology program in the School of Science and in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at RPI. He has been a visiting scholar at the Technological University at Eindhoven, National University of Singapore, Indian School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul National University, Fudan University, City University of Hong Kong and ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

His research expertise is in the following areas: strategic implications of information technology, supply chain management and business-business electronic markets, innovation diffusion and assimilation and organizational renewal and growth through innovation. He has published more than one hundred research papers in leading academic journals and conference proceedings. He currently serves as a Department Editor for IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. In the recent past he has served as an Associate Editor of Information Systems Research, and as an Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly.

He works closely with several large firms on IT strategy, supply chain management and innovation management. Dr. Ravichandran has extensive business experience having served as a Consultant to the Reliance Group, Bombay, as the Assistant Director of National Productivity Council, India and as a Production Manager in Flakt AB (now Asea Brown Boweri). He has also been a successful entrepreneur; he started, built and ran an IT services firm.

He has a PhD in Business Management, a post graduate diploma in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a bachelor of engineering in production engineering.

Hope to see you all there....!

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