Reviews on GMAT coaching institutes in bangalore

Hi , I paid a visit to both Crack Verbal and Manhattan Review but i am not able to decide which one is better…please give me your feedback and suggestions. I am planning to join one of them at the earliest(coming saturday) TIA

Hi ,

I paid a visit to both Crack Verbal and Manhattan Review but i am not able to decide which one is better..please give me your feedback and suggestions. I am planning to join one of them at the earliest(coming saturday)


i think you'll find us quite biased towards CrackVerbal because it's run by a long-time member of PG - Arun aka Psychodementia who is greatly revered here for his GMAT knowledge, his willingness to give his time freely and his close association with students.

Hi ,

I paid a visit to both Crack Verbal and Manhattan Review but i am not able to decide which one is better..please give me your feedback and suggestions. I am planning to join one of them at the earliest(coming saturday)


Arun's dedication, experience and his knack of connecting with the candidates is a good combination to drive anyone in his journey of GMAT prep and B-school application. His involvement with the students off the class too doesn't let anyone feel away from him. He is always a call away even if one is a probable GMAT candidate not registered with Crack verbal. Of course, you do not get all the benefits of Crack verbal without associating with him. I wish crack verbal team the best!

I do not have much of an idea about MGMAT but had joined crack verbal and so will talk about that.

Course structure
It covers every possible aspect of the three pillars of VA (SC, RC and CR). Every topic is finished with hands-on on examples. The main idea is to get the basics right and crackverbal achieves that. After that, it is only practice and more practice.

I think i have encountered few of the most patient faculty members here, esp Arun and Shifa. I for one used to very confused in CR and bothered Arun and Shifa a repeated number of times for clearing my doubts. The faculty members always made themselves available and never got flustered by my never ending doubts.

Teaching methodology
The most repeated advice that i used to get before is that i have to read a lot to be better at VA. Obviously, one has to read a lot but reading a novel is different from reading a RC passage or cracking a CR ques. I understood the tricks involved in approaching each question type from crackverbal and that helped me in GMAT and CAT.

Finally, the fact that Arun conducts ad-hoc workshops even for ppl who are not crackverbal students speaks about his desire to help people out. One can expect support for a long time even after finishing the course....


1. PsychoD aka Arun - the best thingof him - doesnt guarantee any score viz 740/750 etc but yes he instills the confidence in you that GMAT is really DOABLE - For me this was the singlemost thing that I wanted from a prep company.
2. the transition from the Conventional approach ( viz parts of Speech / Tenses etc eluded me since schooldays, though an ex Xaverian ) to an Analytical approach (pattern recognition,not eliminating an answer just because it is wrong idiomatically,Verbose etc
3. Arun will never eliminate an answer because it is AWKWARD & WORDY (OG EXP is full of these ) and forces his students to follow the same.
4. CR / SC seemed more of Maths & less of English ; Was getting easier for me to eliminate 3 of the 5 choices.
5. No dearth of practice Questions, Basic - Advanced everything that you will evr need .
6. No matter how trivial/stupid the Q is - Arun tries to explain why it's wrong without giving a student any uncanny feeling.
7. He will handhold u but with a definite pattern ( I will tell u the Ans but tell me what you didn't understand & NOT - here's your Q here's my Ans
8 .Most importantly he understands GMAT in n out is thoroughly updated.

Hope that helps.

Rgds Susmit


Currently a student of CV would like to share few pointers :

1. PsychoD aka Arun : doesnt guarantee any score 750/760 but instills the confidence that yes GMAT is doable - Guess, the most imp element.
2. The shift from Conventional Approach to a more Analytical one is just exemplary - Tenses / parts of speech that eluded me since schooldays, founded a completely new approach to tackle these
3. Arun will never eliminate an answer because its wordy or awkward (OG expns are full of these ) & forces his students to follow the same - forces one to understand the concepts tested & implement during practice.
4. He will handhold u but with a definite pattern ( I will give u the Ans but first Tell me what u didnt understand & NOT - Heres your Q , here's my Answer).
5. No dearth of Practice Q, segregated in Basic/Advanced modes.
6. CR/SC seemed more of Maths & less of English - structured inputs helped me to narrow down to 2 of the 5 choices
6.He understands GMAT to the brim & is thoroughly updated.

Hope that helps & wish you all the Luck in your GMAt endeavours & wish me luck too , planning to write the exam in May.

Rgds Susmit

Hi All,

When i saw post on PagalGuy of CrackVerbal i thought it will have a similar story of showing off what it has and and giving peanuts to its students.But i was wrong when i checked CrackVerbal website i went through it 2-3 times visiting almost every tab and realised that it is different from the other institutes offering GMAT course.As i went thru the tab which has corse offerings for Application process then i decided to to take up English course , the one i am weak in, and then i will take up the help provided for applications.
One important point is CrackVerbal being the one to deal only and only with GMAT prepration

Online classes offered are very helpful which gives us a chance to look again into it at the time of revising.The understanding offered to solve questions is also very basic.

Arun Sir himself helps out if you are facing a problem in terms of Study Plan or CR or SC.

I will recommend Aspirants like me of GMAT to go for CrackVerbal and you will surely start loving to study for GMAT.

these days some online coachings are also doing good

how good is IVY league ?

Avoid Sandeep Gupta - GMAT Prep

What about quant coaching?

Does CrackVerbal offer coaching only on verbal?

I am new to GMAT, pleast suggest me a study plan or approach or please share the threads where I can find some information on prepration pattern and list and sources for necessary prepration material.

I went to Sandeep Guptas classes felt ok not great (too fast to follow), but since I am working could not find time for prepration.


I will volunteer to answer the query. CrackVerbal also provides a comprehensive course that covers Quant. This runs into 4 weeks covering all advanced topics in arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

We have a free session every month called Quant Scorebooster. This is an open-house session and we invite everyone to sit through for the 4-hour workshop where we will be discussing various strategies for quant. This should perhaps give you a better idea of what to expect on the test.



@[1190:Psychodementia] ,

Happy to get a reply for my query. Thank you. I will enquire more and will take up this workshop.


Hi all,

can any one guide me if IVY is good. they are saying that 700+ is what you will get even if you are a 450 candidate with focus etc... is IVY good? else could you suggest a good GMAT coaching for a guy who is weak in math.


I am new one at this forum....Need information(Valid and Useful) for admission in MBA in Top BS in US/UK/Singapore .....
I am working in IT sector as in Core Development Sector.I like this field as a workplace.But I have to establish my own Venture in Future.For that i need to earn healthy management knowledge from a reputed B-School.I have achieved good credits in academics and praise in my work also.I have gain 1 year experience right now.I have seen that all these Universities needs above 2-3 year work exp (Except Standford ).I need to Prepare by heart and soul for GMAT and I am contributing my best efforts at my work also......
I have some ideas to implement.....
I need an advise regarding Application,Entrance Exams for these universities every major information regarding them..Practical experience if anyone having so...............

Have anyone taken class room coaching from 4GMAT. Kindly comment how good or bad they r ?They hav classes at jaynagar
Hi all,
I am looking for best coaching center in Bangalore who would train in GMAT exams and also help in mock interview, application review and short listing schools, can anybody guide ?
hi guysi'm kiran from b'lore....guys i'm plannin on takin GMAT exams and i need ur suggestions....i'm an avg. student and do u guys recommend me to take the exams or not....pls reply asap guys...


At the end of rthe day, what gets you an admit from a decent business school is not just the kind of score you have but your overall profile and the way you put forth your application. Its the entire package that is you!! So go for it.