Review on GMAT Training Centres in Delhi

Puys, this is the new thread for all the GMAT study group in Delhi… Please put in your posts here…

Puys, this is the new thread for all the GMAT study group in Delhi.. Please put in your posts here..

you mean review on the different coaching centers ?

Hey I am looking for a good gmat prep center in Delhi can any 1 plz suggest which one is good...

Hi, Im am planning to give GMAT and start preparing for it, can anyone please let me know some good coaching centres in Delhi NCR preferably near Noida.

I attended a seminar for ISB admissions at IMS Connaught Place centre yesterday. IMS is offering 2 fast track batches starting today for GMAT prep for ISB's 15 Sep deadline.

Not sure about the quality of coaching there.
Fees: 26K

Hi, Can anyone please suggest any good coaching institute in South Delhi. I hope if we can discuss pros and cons of all the big names then it would be helpful for folks like me who are targeting in early 2013.


I am planning to write GMAT in last week of Jan 2013.
Is there anyone else who's gonna write it in around that time?

@Munish16 yes brother I am writing GMAT in last week of Jan 2013, rest depends on the number of leaves my manager wll allow me to take .....

Where are you with your preps???

So, I am planning to go for my GMAT in March and have so far come across the following test prep providers:

1. Manya
2. Jamb****
3. IMS
4. Pythagurus
5. WisdomMart
6. Achievers Point
Since I am not entirely familiar with the area/test prep centers in Delhi, I now seek forum member's advice on this. Looking forward to your inputs/thoughts/experiences. Thanks!

Can a Commerce student clear GMAT with ease?

I will be getting my XII results in a couple of months,and am expecting a score of 85% or more...Is it possible for me to clear the GMAT with top scores after my BCom?
@Priyanka2123 It all depends on your preparation, or doesnt matter ,what matters is your performance in GMAT in those 4 hours ..

Do well in your graduation and then concentrate on GMAT :)

Best of luck for both

hello puys,

which institute in gurgaon would be good for Gmat prep.Any opinions would be appreciated.

@dudeabhi011 Done with GMAT this 14th. 640(Q49, V29). Will go ahead with R3 applications as retaking it for improvement would cost me another year and I am already 5.5 years experienced.
What's up your side?
@Munish16 Bro M giving GMAT on March 18 and targetting NUS , Nanyang and Great lakes and sailing on same boat as yours 4.6 Exp and time is not in my hands so have toa pply this year and see I dnt even have time to write applications , Taking a big risk but have only myself to blame coz of Procastination I din do it earlier 😞

@dudeabhi011 Yeah man, procrastination sucks.. Hey, there are a few good US schools(eg. Darden) with R3 deadlines by March end. You might want to try there as well.

I want to go for MBA in finance but not sure how to justify that in my essays since my whole 5.5 years of experience is in IT. Except that I have worked for only Insurance clients(Both US and Indian) all this while, there's nothing 'extra' that I have done in the finance field.

I have also done LOMA Basic Level Certification in US Insurance.

Can anyone guide me more on this transition from IT to finance? Some sample essay would be great!

@Munish16 Hey.. The relevance between your experience and your aspiration is projected in your SOPs so why don't you consult a wonderful verbal faculty Mrs. Sushma Jha 9999920638 who has been writing SOPs, Essays and LORs since years. She is a 10 years experienced faculty and has taught with Wisdom Mart, career Launcher and in my opinion she is a wonderful person to guide you through your doubts. 5.5 years of experience is really awesome and must be used in the most productive manner so dont get confused and call her once... Cheers!!!

@Munish16 also you can take some classes online with Mrs. Sushma Jha as she takes online classes and her average student score in verbal is 40 (scaled score)
@arvind_b give a try to online coaching.. it worked for me ... there is a group of two faculties who teach online using internet.. It's very easy and very effective.
Maths Faculty: Mr. Bhoopendra Singh (9999687183) - He himself is an MBA from tier 1 B-Schools in india and has been a 100 percentile scorer in CAT maths. He has a teaching experience of 7 years in the field of CAT, GMAT, GRE and SAT but now he teaches for GMAT/GRE and SAT only. A very motivating who never talks about scaled score of less than 48 from even a very average student. His 100% students score 48 and above
Verbal Faculty: Dr. Sushma Jha (9999920638) - She has been teaching for almost 10 years and the most wonderful faculty for verbal she is.
I got a decent score under their guidance.. just check out if it works for you.
[email protected]
[email protected]

@Munish16 Mate ping me your number lets share all we can .......