This group is for everyone whos in Reserve list ,Please share you score nd other information .

BHai 49.7 ur kya chance h clear hone ka?

46.4 !!! hoping for the best only 

49.6 general

nxt year reserved list me select hone ke kitne chances hote h 49.8 ??? any idea??

exact 49.4.... written 95.5 and interview 56...needed 58.5... now really worried and don't know what to do.... 1 year is too long to wait....but i can...but there is a big question is it guaranteed that i will get a job after 1 year??? ūüėě

49.7.... general

mains-96.25, interview-56

#haryana ūüėě

If waiting lists cleared in between the session or only on 31st March ?

plz help...

46.7 marks

BOC cutoff 46.7 ( ../../89) last selected candidate

My DOB (../../92) 

Ecge, Boi,PNB pref....

Hi..friends I got 49.8 UR. In .reserved list...any chances....

does to be in reserve list means that he/she will get bank of their first or second or third preference next year and that too confirmed. ??

i got 49.90 general category.

please someone explain me how this reserve list allotment all work ...

thanks in advance.


** My cooked up Thinking ** not sure it its like this ..

Reserve List Funda ::: Why does every time almost everyone in Reserve list get selected

lets see Scenario 1 :::: 

someone in 2015 got alloted rs list

same person gives exam in 2016 

now he has 2 seats . he can take 1 and will have to leave other so thts 1 vacant seat 

Scenario 2 :::He gets rank in CGL so both his seats remains vacant ?

thts 2 vacant seats

this way lets assume there were around 1400-1600 Res List last year

plus around 1200 Res list this year

Plus many seats where a candidates does not join

If you add all these you get good no of seats still avail for res cat guys ..--

my marks 41.40 Rl

Cut-off: 41.40

my chances on 31-march-2017

last in reserve list. can i expect to get allocated next year.?



am happy lol finally i have something to do for the 1 year haha

anybody know what was po 4 reserve list minimun mark?

got 41 in po reserve list ....whats the chances?

Cud get only 49.80 :-( 

Gen category.

got 49.4 thnk god atleast come in reserve list

Got 49.7

I think because of BOB, IOB and BMB..the vacancy were reduced..and PNB 2 had less vacancy..This thread was created...I am sad...