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Anyone who attempted OB mock, could you pls rate PM & OB??

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Oliveboard Free Mock - 32.5 😥

Got only 38 in PM free :-(

PUYS if you want to take the current affairs quiz for FEB'17, pls visit the link below. (donot forget to write your feedback like what type of Q/topic you want to focus more) More Q coming tomorrow.


practice mock test free 45.25 ,81%accuracy practice mock test 1 37.5 80%accuracy practice mock test 2 45.5 83% accuracy

OB free 39.50. :(

pm mock-2 49.5... sppeed ki lag gyi

Pm free 40.5" English 14.5,quant 17,reasoning 9.." 

Pm 1 41" English 16,quant 12.5,reasoning 12.5...

pm2 47.25 english 18.25 quant 14 reasoning 15

I am unable to get good marks. Especially, quant. I got eliminated from IBPS PO 6 (Prelims) for 1.25 marks (Gen Category). I have already bought a package for sbi prelims from Testbook. Looking forward to buy OB. My test book marks are in the region 37-40. Any suggestions please?

PM mock 3 ne maar li fir se only 39.25 :(

OB2 - I got 36

my accuracy was 83% 

but my attempt was very less

in reasoning i only attempted 17 in math 12 and english only 17

i could not manage time properly 

please suggest me how can i manage time with good accuracy? how can i increase my  attempt? 

 Friends I am new in this site. Can you please suggest me sites for quality mock tests? Bought testbook, had Mahendra. Help. 

Pm 1 46. Air 22

PM free

score: 66.75 

rank 1/4081 

eng    :    22.5/30 

Quant:    28.25/35 

Reas   :    16/35

Testzone free mock - 35.25

fumbled in Quant, only 9.5. 

What to do? plz suggest.