Rendezvous with TAPMI

This thread has been created since the mods have locked the GD/PI thread…i am a bit late to post …but still i would like to post it as the coming 2007 batch can go thru it if required,…i am sure they will find it useful in some way…:slight_smile:

This thread has been created since the mods have locked the GD/PI thread....i am a bit late to post ...but still i would like to post it as the coming 2007 batch can go thru it if required,.....i am sure they will find it useful in some way.....:)

Rendezvous with TAPMI

Left for Udupi(nearest station to MANIPAL) on 27th evening. Made a few friends on the train who helped me
Reached on 28th morning and stayed at Janani Lodge (Opp Manipal Institute of Tech, Near Coffee Day)..200 bucks a day (double bed)was pretty reasonable
My GD/PI was on the next day, so spent the day exploring Manipal and the Institute.Tell u one thing guys Manipal has ample amounts of both Natural beauty and Fashion beautiesU can take ur pick
In the evening I went to Tapmi to meet Rickson (rxn911) and get some gyaan on the institute
Met him and some others seniors tooTo tell you the fact this was one of the best part of the two days I spent at Manipal..
The seniors at TAPMI are awesome Rick is a great person...The first look is deceiving though.He told me everything about the institutethe studies, the culture , the events , the parties, covered everything in a matter of minutes
He gave me invaluable gyaan on GD, extempore and PISpeaking straight from the heart he brought my confidence from nix to max.

Met Preethi(puggy16) tooMan She is a real Powerhouse..After all those harrowing classes when everyone else looked like they were about to drop and this gal is prancing around as if she has just warmed up..u ask her something and she rattles of the reply so fast that u have a bit of a difficulty in catching up.but talking to her didnt feel like I was talking with her for the first time or that she was a seniorkeep up the good work

Then met a gentleman Somnath who has this charisma around himTalks in his characteristic tone and constant volume and gets to the point..

Another gentleman was there whom the others referred to as CAbcoz he was a CA
And one smart gujarati chapwho was interestingly brought up in kerala
Sorry bros I didnt catch your names.
I was astonished to find that there were 2-3 CAs and 2 Doctors in their class

So this was about the intellectual property of TAPMI which I believe is a KUBERs Khazaana

Now coming to the infrastructure partIt aint great (gotta accept)But I dont really feel infra is that important.Though having a WiFi would really have helpedThe hostel is about a Km away from the collegeHostel is pretty ok and cosy

Welll I thought I had got enough info for the dayso retired and slept early so that I can be fresh in the morning


Reached Tapmi just in time (as always).Got to know that I was the 13th candidatefelt a bit happy as I believe 13 has been lucky for me.
In all there were 12 in my panel out of 21..there were 14 in the other panel
Moderators Panel consisted of Mr Kanakaraj, Mr Natarajan, Alumni , and another elderly faculty member

GD started as soon as I took my seat.the topic being Economic Power bestows upon a Nation its Political Power

GD started off with people agreeing to the topic people also gave the examples of India and china havin strong international say becoz of their economic power
I jutted in after my few unsuccessful attempts and said that I believed that both of these things compliment each other and thus go hand in handie the political power and the economic power.felt elated when the group agreed to me and went on further another input I made was that no matter how good the resources a nation might have, if it doesnt have a sensible governing policy then the resources cant be converted into economic developmentgave example of IRAN

More Points were there dont remember right nowoverall it was pretty gooda cordial GDwith us coming to a decent conclusion that the Economic power was the major factor, but not the only factor that defined a nations political power

As explained in the other posts 2 minutes to prepare and 2 to speakfollowing were the topics :
1.Is it necessary that good leaders have to be good managers?
2.Indo-US nuclear deal.
3.Indian cricket under Rahul Dravid.
4.If I were the PM.
5.Valentines Day is not compatible with the Indian culture
6.If I were the Finance minister.
7.India -China - The economic competition (my topic)
Said that it was not really proper to compare the two countries as their economics policies and their stages of development are totally differentChina is the manufacturing hub whereas India is the Services hubChina is totally dependent on Export market whereas the Indian exports are minimal in comparison.
All the same growth of China was at 9% and that of India is 8.1 % which is not too far behind..
Chinese Stock market fell from 2200 to 1100 in between 2001-2005 while then Indian markets zoomed from 2500 to 10,000
China is reaching a phase of consolidation while India is Climbing the ladder at a fast pace.
So no doubt that India is going to reach greater heights but as of now we are still in the race..
8.Indias contributon to the silicon valley
9.About sportsmen doing commercials and ads
10. Statistics only show half the truth(this guy did well )
11.Dutch cartoon controversy (This gal didnt know anything about the controversy but must commend her coz she managed to speak for the whole 2 minutes stipulated timethat needs some skill man)
12.Coalition Govt- Injurious to the countrys health( I didnt quite agree with what the guy spoke )

So overall the Extempore also went well

We had to write a summary of the GD in less than 250 wordswe were specifically told that we had to write a analytical report of the gd(though I am not sure what that meant)

We were then told that the interview would take place in Mr Kanakarajs Cabin and were asked to sit in the class
Since I was the seventh I got into a conversation with the other candidates and found that out of the 12 only 2 were fresh gradsall others were having work ex and that too in reputed Cos like Infy, Wipro, Siemens etc

I got the company of two good and talented guys from Bombay ie Arpan(Iron eagle) & Atirakshit Bhatt(Vedanta)Everyone was more or less drilled on their acads or their work profile.i didnt have breakfast that morning so was afraid that I would faint during the interviewbut Mr Natarajan came to my rescue and announced that the remaining candidates will be interviewed after the lunchso I was to be the first one in the post lunch session

Went to the canteen where I had a sandwich , a samosa, and two glasses of banana shake(was hungry man).samosa was just ok.but the sandwich and shake were really goodThe faculty was having a special lunch as it was the last day of the GD/PI.

Panel consisted of the same people who took the GD ie Mr Natarajan-N, Alumni-A, Mr Kanakaraj- K

Well I guess the panel really had a great lunch coz the minute I entered they started bombardment.
I-May I come in sir
N- Please do
I -Good Afternoon sir,madam
N-Take ur seat
I - Thank u sir
N - So Anand I am goin to ask u the most obvious questiony MBA?
I- For a couple of reasons sir1) To climb the career ladder faster ie to incorporate management skills in self, so as to compete with more tech savvy comrades 2) I Will be working in some organization and earning well even if I start straight away , but I also want to lean how to make money work for me too ie to learn investment strategies
N(Having an unconvinced look)- But if all of u engineers take up managerial jobs then who is goin to o the technical work..
I-Didnt say anything .
A-Why dont u go for a job I think u are better suited for the technical job
I - Said that I was not a technical geekthough I was good enough but not an expert so the whole idea was to supplement myself with management skills so that I can put up a good fight in the tough competition.
N- Any other calls?
I- Yes , KJ Somaiya
N - How was the GD/PI?
I- Went on fine Sir
By this time Mr Kanakaraj who was going thru my marksheets put a big circle with his pencil on one of them and shows it to the other two..
K: Your graduation scores are low Y so??
I-well sir they are not that bad by my university standards
N - U r telling me that this marks are great..
I- Certainly not sir they aint great but not that bad either
N - There must be some reason for thisu had an affair ??? any girlfriend???
I- No sir , I dont have a girlfriend nor did I ever have one
N- Why ? Are u gay???i had so many girlfriends..
I was speechless for a sec..At least I was not expecting such a question.I stammered a NO and after that I was in sort of a haze..will put some questions which I remember.the sweet alumni tried to bring me out of the trance in the following way:
A- ok Tell me something which u r passionate about.i mean consider all the institutions are closed for the next five years what will u do .
I - Said I would learn Music (just said what came to my mind)
A- So ur passionate about gives u a sense of satisfaction when u listen to music?? does it
I- Yes
N(With a sarcastic smile on his face)- Any questions u wanna ask us??
I - No(Just wanted to get my ass out of there), Thank u
Well I guess the idea was to stress me and see if I am able to manage it..But there are a hell lot of other ways manI believe I passed the test.If it had been any other person someone in the room might have got a black eyemy keeping it going was commendable performance enough (I believe)..

After all this went back to my room with Arpan and Atirakshit Bhatt..drank a lot of cool water..relaxed for a few hoursthen went to the hostel in the evening to get Mr Bhatts luggage.Met Rick again ..HE showed us photos of various events parties etcAlso assured me that everything will work out.Met some previously unknown seniors also like Abhishek, another MEHSANA guy called YADAV(I m not sure)Took leave of them ..Checked out and went to Udupi Station at 9 pm with the other two..i guess I got up from the wrong side of the bed that day .coz I had to sit until 3 AM(6 hours) at the station to get my train....
Well Alll ends that ends well .
As Nepolean said : Victory belongs to the most persevering

This thread has been created since the mods have locked the GD/PI thread....i am a bit late to post ...but still i would like to post it as the coming 2007 batch can go thru it if required,.....i am sure they will find it useful in some way.....

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