hey any pgites in spjain???need some specific info. regd the adm. process…btw anyone else applyin for sp this time arnd… Peebs

hey any pgites in spjain???need some specific info. regd the adm. process...btw anyone else applyin for sp this time arnd...


hey any pgites in spjain???need some specific info. regd the adm. process...btw anyone else applyin for sp this time arnd...


sure things most of us might be appin there....i wouldnt know of any pgites there...havent come across one yet...what say PG

...whats it u talkin bout peebs?? u got the form?? howz the ques scene in their essay form? are they as arbit as ever??


There are a couple of guys in SPJ.. They can be found in the old SPJ results thread. Try PMing them. But I haven't seen any of them on the forum in ages now.

I would like to share another info that I was interviewed by SPJ in March and was kicked out after first interview, but I was surprised to see a mail from them around July'03 asking me to come again for an interview and, if selected, to deposit the fee by 13th August.
As I was not in India at that time, so cudn't make out much frm this but wud be interested to know the logic behind this? did anybody else got the call? have the seat been increased out there or the existing one not filled?
wondering ........ !!!!!!

Hi , I can offer some info , a friend of mine had joined SP JAIN and he got admitted in the finance programme. he stayed for about a week and then decided to leave the institute as he felt that the finance department did not have good faculty and he took up a job afterwards and as far as i know a couple of others did the same and probably you were called in to fill in those seats and the money he paid upfront has not been returned to him.

hai guys ,
any idea of number of fereshers spjain took last year .i am in my final
year BE and confused whether to apply or not .i have heard that it gives more preference to work ex guys .please help


SP Jain Ranks amongs top 10 B-School in India.
Business World 2003 ranking - 8th
Outlook 2003 ranking - 7th

Guys lots of queries ... let me answer one by one .....

A. Why a call on August 13 ? Are the seats still vacant.

In S.P.Jain you have to select your specialisation while filling the application form itself ..(out of Information Mgmt, Fin, Marketing and operations).
There is also one more course PGDIT (PG diploma in Information tech) 18 months course, a little less reputed than MBA. Different written exam for that. So people who applied for MBA (IM specialisation) who who were not selected in MBA were called for interview of PGDIT. Got it ..

B. " a s/w engr. with 2 yrs wrk ex...givin cat this yr and plannin to applyin for sp as well...was interested in pursuin a mba in mrkting...but got to know that sp gives calls according to one's area of what should i opt for IM or mrkting??...what role do the essays play in the entire process??"

"I am fresher should I got for SPJain."

Some thumb rules for SPJain

1. Ofcourse! it prefers experience people. That doesn't means it doesn't take freshers. So people with high work experience (who think getting 98 percentile in cat is difficult) go ahead and apply for it. Its so much that there are lots of people with CAT percentile between 80% and 90% but with relevant work experience.

2. My observations:
* If you are fresher then go for Marketing or Finance. These two branch have comparatively more freshers (30%) each. Freshers should NOT (strictly) apply to operations or Information Mgmt.

* For marketing you need not have experience in sales and marketing. Lotta software engg. also. Its just that u should be able to defend ur choice.

* For finance preferably commerce/ca background or engineers (you have to defend releation between engg. and finance).

* Information Mgmt (IM) - You have to have experience in software comapny. No other way out. Freshers not allowed.

*Operations - Uncle's branch. You got to have experience ( 2+ yrs is good enough). People with 7-10 yrs exp are there.They just look at ur work experience. Cat percentile of 80% is decent enough. So people with lots of experience should go for this branch. 2+ yrs can apply for ops.

Total Seats = 150. Rough division of seats IM (42), Marketing (42), Fin (33), Ops (33). THE NEWS: his year seats are expected to increase.

3. A software engg. with 2 yrs of exp can give try to Marketing or IM (equal chances) ..... take your choice.

4. Essays are very important. They just look at ur essay with profile and call you for interview. They don't wait for CAT scores. So make a point to write a decent essay (beg, borrow, steal). One think that u must take care is ur essay should look original (not bookish words)
i. Use simple english. No jazzy words
ii. Put something which makes you different from rest. something that strikes sharply, out of league.
iii. Give lots of funda on moral values, ethics, social service.

5. SPJain gives very less weightage to CAT score. lots of people above 99 percentile didn't get a call and freshers with 85-90 percentile with good credentials got through it.

go to to look into the batch profile. You'll get an idea.

People deciding to give a shot to MBA, should give a try to SPJain. One thing I'm very sure of is that this college gives very good campus placement jobs. All the top shot companies are here .. HLL, P&G;, M&M;, TAS, TSMG, Colgate, Pepsi, Wirpo, HCL, i2, citibank, hsbc, icici and the list continues.

All the best ...

Finally lots of queries regarding ethics (how honest u should be while answering the essey). Ofcourse!! no doubt that if u have credentials then "honesty is the best policy". If not, then u gotta be smart enough. In an interview u have to defend urself for 30 mins (ur share will be 10mins) amonng 7 applicants and 2 Profs. Talking practically u can always do that (after all ur aspiring to be a manager). Suggestions :
1. Ok!! if ur reeeealy skeptical, then please visit any of the NGO near ur place for 2-3 hours and get details of what work they do ? how they do? etc. Its pretty simple and in 10 mins its just impossible to judge ur fakeness (unless ur reallly dumb or lady luck is not with u).
2. Do a mock interviews on the points which ur not very comfortable. I'll give u the questions 1. What work exactly u did (social service) 2. size of organisation (money/people) 3. From where do they get fund 4. Branches 5. core value 6. Your learnings 6. How can u do more by joining MBA . THAT's IT.

Finally its ur decision.

Disclaimer: U all know what ....

thank you hedonist
lots of i am much more clear
and ya,you look like a spjain student

prithvi 😁

Hey hedonist,
U dont look like an SP student. U look like a b-school encyclopedia instead.

hey freshers dont ever apply to spjain.. its just waste of money and the endless hours u put into conjuring creative answers to all those questions in the form..
they just simply dont take freshers or at least engineering freshers... i got calls from MDI and TAPMI with a percentile of 96.5, but no spjain.. if u think that is less for a fresher. a friend of mine got 99.85 with calls from 5 iims but still no spjain.. that shud answer it... or maybe if u r the univ topper and dont mind takin a chance u may still go ahead and apply.

hey freshers dont ever apply to spjain.. its just waste of money
agreed mate . thats why iu have finally decided not to apply for SPJAIN
rather i would be applying for some other institute

prithvi 😁

Ya I am applying for SP Jain........but I don't know anyone there.If u get any information then do tell me pls.......


no yaar,,,, i think it's worth a shot... atleast in finance and marketing....

i've taken the form but am at sea abt what to write and what not..can anyone help??

SP JAIN is college worth applying guyz, you never know good essays and good cat scores might jus give u an edge

the questions arent just essays at all!!!! they're asking for specific examples of how i've experienced somethin or done somethin....

then all the things that i really felt good about, on achieving, are so silly....and i want to be honest..

so what do i do?? - write whatever i've achieved even though it looks silly, or start some sort of imaginative writing???

and i've heard someone say that all these applications are evaluated by SP JAIN students??? is it true??

The guys out there at SPJAIN have plenty of experience handling the application process. Any attempts to make up essay stories will be caught sometime or the other. And i don't think a college of this repute would be employing students to evaluate applications.

I have spoken to many people who have applied to B-schools abroad and they emphasize that "Honesty is the best policy" in essay writing.

Every person has got some unique attributes and it is these positive attributes that u have to highlight in the application. No doubt articulation skills help.

About Plagiarism: B-schools abroad have many ways of detecting plagiarism from the net(some the web-sites provide these services). I don't know whether SPJAIN checks for Plagiarism!! But it's always better to be on the safe side, in other words adopt an honest approach.

I think students will be employed to read essays. That is the case worldwide. But usually in the US univs and at ISB, each application is read by a couple of students and a member of the adcom too before a decision is taken on the application.

Regarding the essays, be true and don't be too generic. They are looking for specific events in your life which have moulded you and would like to see yourself portray yourself as a well rounded individual.

Lack of work ex is a serious NO. Take your shot, but I doubt they take in too many folks without workex.


Hey Guys,

Seeing this thread...has given rise to a doubt...

I got the form of SPJ and decided to go to Operations field. (I want to do MBA in Financial/Operations only in the first place, ), because SPJs record of giving calls for the branch to the type of work ex, and I have 2yrs xp in Industrial procurement for mech/civil items. Finance was the second option which I decided to mark.

Now as per hedonist's view , ops requires 3+ yrs work ex. Shall I take it as a thumb rule that with jus 2 yrs exp, this might be a risk..? more over since i am an electronics engg... wrong profile for a ops guys ( most of them are mech) .

Now for relative maximisation to get a call, should I rework my preference or reverse my preference (ie Finance (1st) and Operations (2nd)

Any input on this would be nice...

Also congrats to PG for making this forum one of the largest for CAT with 1400+ members.



udayds Says
Also congrats to PG for making this forum one of the largest for CAT with 1400+ members.

read tat as 1500! :wink:
but on 2nd thots 1400+ sounds logical too