Regarding the Best MBA CAT Preparation Coaching Insitute in Delhi

Please suggest me the best mba cat preparation institute in delhi. I visited MBA guru and alchemist . So, provide the suggestion for these institutes mentioned and also list down the best institute to join for the same.My more focus is toward DI as i need to clear the concepts for the same. Kindly message or email me for the institute and special tip for DI preparation.

Hi..Well there is not an limit on the number of coaching institutions for CAT or an other aptitute exam preparation. One can find the already bigger names like TIME,Career Launcher,Alchemist,Ankganit etc. etc. However, what a student like each of us requires and what a typical coaching centre provides makes a huge difference.

Like I tell you my story,my cousin brother had topped in CAT in 2006.I asked him how did he prepare and which coaching he joined.He told me that it he joined TIME.Now he was an IITian who has already strong basic concepts in Maths. When my time came, the first coaching I went for counselling was  TIME.They gave me an hour long counselling.After that, they want me to give the entire course fee at one shot in order to join and start taking classes.

Obviuosly ,no body wants to do that so did I even when I knew this fact my maths is not that sharper.Literally I was so weak in Maths that I found this subject very scary.I want some one or some coaching institute who can provide individual focus ,give more time on a student in enhancing the basic concepts not just to finish up the entire cat course in just 40 classes!!

Beacuse that's how the business going on.No Coaching institute is bothered to spend time in cultivating yor basic concepts,provide attention where you are lagging.So my search was still on.I then went to CL, Ankganit but not satisfied with their words.

Amidst the various institutes, I came across a new start up,SMARG EDUCATION, the faculty there understood what I wanted and asked me to join without asking to give a single penny.

I  spent almost 2 weeks prior giving the first installment.This impresses me beacuse a real teacher is always not only after money.Ofcourse everyone wants that. But that should not be the ultimate goal. 

Here, I found the pedagogy to be best.Their table study manner,group prblm solving sessions, helped me in understanding the basic of maths more.

They helped in wherever I am lagging. I could not count how many times I reitereated few topics which I found the most difficult and cleared all my concepts till the time I understand them fully.

Thats what I wanted and thats what I got.

Today I can say that I have that confidence to teach maths(yes,not of CAT level) but yes,SSC/bank level very easily.

Its located in Connaught Place,New Delhi

Out of the many institues offering MBA coaching, Tathagat, Barakhamba Rd. was found to be the most helpful and resourceful! I have studied there and the faculty was amazing. They always encouraged us to learn new ways to do things and tackle situations. The method there was rigorous and they also prepared us in a manner which made the process of GD and PI extremely smooth. They held workshops which helped us crack exams and get us our desired MBA colleges. You can not only expect good grades but personal growth too. 

 I can understand how a good institute can guide us to meet our goals. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend to go for TATHAGAT (CP). I am recommending Tathagat not only because i studied there, it is because of certain factors which i am going to list below.

  1. The batch strength is mostly between 15–20 or at max 25. The best part is, batch strength is not high so teacher’s actually can concentrate on growth of every individual.
  2. What differs Tathagat from others is TG conducts proper doubt classes for every single topic. If you still left with any doubt then you can ask for time on weekdays.
  3. Tathagat conducts around 13–14 or more full day workshops for all topics.
  4. Doubts & Materials, They have very good study material, and once any major topic completes they give a question bank(mostly CAT,XAT,NMAT,IIFT,SNAP,GMAT previous year and probable questions) besides the regular study material. for example, once Number Systems completed they gave NS-100 sheet or in Verbal, RC-100, CR-100 etc. and again can have doubt session. If you still have doubt then you can repeat the classes in any other batch, all you have to do is to inform them.
  5. For those who think they are weak in verbal, at Tathagat , they follow a totally different approach and you will meet not only extraordinary faculty but also inspirational one’s. They starts with very basic concepts of grammar and slowly builds up concept for every single topic. You will be asked to daily read the The HINDU newspaper and make notes of words which you do not understand or new for you and will asked to use the words in book review’s(Book review i explained in next point) .
  6. If you are really excited and crazy to improve your communication skills then read this point. You have to read a novel per week and submit the book review for same, and they are serious about it. You can attend the Verbal classes only if you have submitted the book the review. This will help you lot, specially in Reading Comprehensions, Critical Thinking questions, Tone of Author questions. And , the book review writing skills will help you tremendously once you go PI & WAT after getting calls from B-schools.
  7. For those who left Maths at early stage and chose different career options but now developed interest for MBA, at Tathagat, you will meet some exceptional minds which this industry is fortunate to have. You will actually learn how you need not to learn any special formula to crack CAT. Your thinking skills develops there. your fundamentals will not be issue anymore. you yourself see the change. Again, you have to complete the assignments and submit the answer keys in the next class and if you do not submit then i hope you can understand what i want to add here :) .
  8. They will help you after your CAT, XAT or any exams for interviews. They will arrange for GD-PI and you can attend as much GD’s as you can. Mock interviews will be conducted and reviews will be provided based on that.
  9. The above is what they will do for you, but they have certain expectations from you. They expect you to work hard for your dreams. You will get some matchless lessons which others can’t give you.

All the very Best to all of you for your journey. :)

I studied long time back in Tathagat and it has got excellent faculty. I recommend anyone looking for coaching in or around Delhi

Tathagat is the best institute. They are extremely involved and the faculty is amazing :)

Took CAT coaching from Tathagat (barakhamba road). Apart from great teaching methods, unlimited practice questions and mock tests at regular intervals, the amount of individual attention one gets is really helpful.

How is MBA GURU for CAT preparation?? How is the faculty? And are they really strict ? Do they follow the homework rule and not giving backup class for more than 5 absent? 

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