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Start Posting Questions you’re unable to solve or tough questions which you’ve solved and wanting other to know… Let’s solve together !! TOPICS: Number series Puzzles, Arrangements Input Output Questions Critical Reasoning Data Suff…

Start Posting Questions you're unable to solve or tough questions which you've solved and wanting other to know... Let's solve together !!
Number series
Puzzles, Arrangements
Input Output Questions
Critical Reasoning
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Six girls are sitting in a circle facing to the centre of the circle. They are P, Q, R, S, T and V. T is not between Q and S but some other one. P is next to the left of V. R is 4th to the right of P.

Question :

Which of the following statement is not true ?

A) S is just next to the to R

B) T is just next to the right of V

C) R is second to the left of T

D) P is second to the right of R ..... -:)

Each of these questions are based on the information given below :

8 persons E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are seated around a square table - two on each side.

There are 3 ladies who are not seated next to each other.

J is between L and F.

G is between I and F.

H, a lady member is second to the left of J.

F, a male member is seated opposite to E, a lady member.

There is a lady member between F and I.


1) Who among the following is to the immediate left of F ?

A) G B) I C) J D) H

2) What is true about J and K ?

A) J is male, K is female B) J is female, K is male

C) Both are female D) Both are male

3) Who among the following are three lady members ?

A) E, H and J B) E, F and G

C) E, H and G D) C, H and J ...................... -:)

syllogisms !!!!!

Tricks to find square of a decimal number....?
@all pls do rply...... 😃

The average of first five numbers is three times the 6th number.if the average of all the six numbers is 10 2/3, then the 6th number is - ??

A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5

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A man had to cover a distance of 24 km.After walking for 1 hour 40 min, he noticed that distance covered by him was 5/7 of the remaining distance.The speed of the man (in km/hr) is

A) 3 B) 4 C) 5 D) 6

A train running between two stations A and B arrives at its destination 10 minutes late when its speed is 50 km/hr. and 50 minutes late when its speed is 30 km/hr.The distance(in km) between the two stations A and B is -

A) 40 B) 60 C) 50 D) 70 ....

A boat travels upstream from B to A and downstream from A to B in 3 hours.If the speed of the boat in still water is 9 km/hr. and the speed of the current is 3 km/hr then the distance (in km) between A and B is -

A) 12 B) 8 C) 6 D) 4

A pipe can fill a tank in 8 mins. and another pipe can empty 6 kilolitres of water in 1 minute. If both the pipes are opened together, the empty tank can be filled up in 20 mins. The capacity of the tank ( in kilolitres) is -

A) 50 B) 60 C) 70 D) 80
Question: (time and work)

A takes twice as much time as B and thrice as much time as C to finish a piece of work.Working together, they can finish the work in 2 days.The number of days required by B to do a work alone is -

A) 4 B) 6 C) 8 D) 12
Rita invested 25% more than sunil.Sunil Invested 30% less than abhinav who invested rs.6000.What is the respective ratio between the amount that Rita invested and the total amount invested by all of them together ?

A) 35:104
B) 13:29
C) 101:36
D) 35:103

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A man gets simple interest of Rs.1000 on a certain principal at the rate of 5 pcpa in 4 years.what compound interest will the man get on twice the principal in two years at the same rate?

A) Rs.1050
B) Rs.1005
C) Rs.11025
D) Rs.10125

The respective ratio between the speeds of a car, a train and a bus is 5:9:4.The average speed of the car, the bus and the train is 72 kmph together.What is the average speed of the car and the train together?

A) 82 kmph
B) 78 kmph
C) 84 kmph
D) Can not determined
E) None of these

agar CI after 3 years at the rate of 5% 5999.45 ho... to uska SI 2nd me kitna hoga... any short method for this type of question.. ?? @jaspunit @vinay.04

The bus fare for one person is Rs.420 from Agra to Aligarh and train fare between the same places for one person is equal to three fourth the bus fare for two persons between the same places.what is the total fare paid by 2 persons travelling by bus and 4 persons travelling by train between the two places?

A) Rs.3360
B) Rs.3460
C) Rs.3440
D) Rs.3406


The average speed of a train is 1 3/7 times the average speed of a car.The car covers a distance of 588 km in 6 hours.How much distance will the train cover in 13 hours.?

A) 1750 kms
B) 1760 kms
C) 1720 kms
D) 1850 kms
E) None of these

A number when divided by 779 gives 47 as remainder. On dividing the same number by 19, what would be the remainder?

how to find out cube of a number shortcut if any ?