Re-Conduct of SSC-CGL 2016

To all the candidates who by any problem whether just bcz of 2-5mins late reach the centre or have faced system issue or centre managemnt issue or by any authentic issue didnt managed to give exam and have a genuine reason. Its my request to all of you guys.. there is nothing gonna happend to write here and there. Just mail to sscHQ and send them application in written by post or by physically. Make pressure on them. And just make a group to highlight this issue if really a serious nd deserving candidate. Because its nt a loss of single exam,its a loss of one whole year and candidate who has a last chance bcs of age its a career loss to her/his. M also suffered from this. I am also looking forward to take this issue to PMO and court. If u really interested to join the fight. Contact me via mob or email or fb. Mob: 9456232923 Email: [email protected] Fb: [email protected]