RBI Grade B 2017 Preparation & Discussion

RBI Grade-B is not just like any other exam, its a journey which assure you a 14-15 LPA. It is one of the most prestigious job in India. Candidates who are interested to appear for this exam can join this group. All the very best


 About Reserve Bank of India The Reserve Bank of India is India's Central  Banking Institution, which controls the Monetary Policy of the Indian  Rupee. It commenced its operations on 1 April 1935 during the British  Rule in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act,  1934. RBI has its headquarters in Mumbai. 

Selection Procedure -   

  • Phase I - Preliminary Examination consisting of  online objective tests of 2 hour duration for 200 marks. Approximately  candidates equivalent to 20 times the number of posts would be  shortlisted after the Phase - I preliminary examination for further  selection process. The marks obtained in the Phase - I is only for  shortlisting the candidates for the next step and shall not be  considered for final selection.
  • Phase II - Mains Examination consisting of one  descriptive test on (I) English, two compulsory objective tests on (II)  Economic and Social Issues and (III) Finance & Management of 1.5  hours duration carrying 100 marks each. Adequate number of candidates  under various categories would be shortlisted for further process on the  basis of their performance in Mains Examinations.
  • Phase III - Interview - Interview is conducted of the candidates shortlisted for interviews on the basis of their performance in Mains examinations.
  • Final Selection - The final merit list is arrived  at after considering candidates’ performance in Mains examinations and  Interview. The selection will be made from the top merit ranked  candidates in each category.

Can anyone please share important books required to start for the basics of RBI Phase 2

There is already an discussion group for RBI Grade B 2017-18 (link is given below). Many users have already followed that group. I think we should popularize the existing one rather than creating new groups. It will lead to confusion among others. 


 Eight students of International school P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting around a circular table, facing the center. Each of them has wear the different colour of shirts viz, Red, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Violet, Blue, Pink, but not necessarily in the same order.
The one who wearRed shirt sits on the immediate left of the one who wearPink shirt. V and T are not immediate neighbours. V, who does not wear  Yellow shirt, sits on the immediate right of W. P is second to the right of the one who wears Blue shirt. S wears neither Violet nor Blue shirt. There are two persons sitting between R and the one who wear Violet shirt. There is only one person between those who wear Violet and Pink shirt. T and Q are immediate neighbours. The one who wear Yellow shirt sits second to the right of U. W wears neither Red shirt nor Black shirt but he is an immediate neighbor of the one who wearYellow shirt. The one who wear Red shirt, cannot sit with the person who wear Green shirt. P and R, who wear White shirt, can never sit together. There are two persons between the persons who wear  Blue and Yellow shirt.

can any one help me out with this



Last year mains, a guy told me that he had cleared NABARD and IAS through notes of various coaching institutes in Delhi that can be bought from shops in Delhi... Anyone can please share any info on this

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  Study Material For RBI Gr B On Finance Numericals https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2dCQoakcMPMU2prOEtONkFaZ2M/view  


Can anybody share link to questions asked in phase 2 ESI and FM - RBI this year

Thanks in Advance

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 https://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/content/pdfs/ROLLNO13072017.pdf RBI Gr. B phase-2 results out