RBI Grade-B "2017-18"

RBI Grade-B is not just like any other exam, its a journey which assure you a 14-15 LPA. It is one of the most prestigious job in India. Candidates who are interested to appear for this exam can join this group. All the very best

Every one starting preparations for RBI grade B 2017... Please join us. Lets nail it this time.

What is thia?


I think its better if we start with finanace and accounting?

Hi:-) this is a great group.

Hi everyone... I appeared from Kolkata.. and did not receive any mail regarding interview dates.... Those who received the mail, kindly comment regarding your dates... Thanks in advance.... Best wishes.. 😀

Hi I'm preparing for 2017 exam? Can anybdy provide me with a strategy for the preparation? Should we start with phase 2 preparation? Which books to follow and how to approach the exam?

Hey everyone. I want to prepare for Grade B exam 2017. I'm presently working and I believe I can take 3-4 hours daily of my schedule to prepare for it. I have tried looking for material online and so far I've found Anuj Jindal's material (on his blog, youtube videos and facebook) which I feel seems pretty decent. I was wondering would that alone be sufficient or should I substantiate that with other books?

Is rbi going to conduct  RBI grade -B exam next year?

Does anyone has a concrete proof that RBI will conduct Grade B this year i.e 2017, and if possible in which month,...seniors can let us know from authenticatic source....thanks.


https://chat.whatsapp.com/HR4LP77cm3C0imo24UCY9o join in wats app grp by clicking on the link

hey ppl , please tell me what type of questions were asked in rbi mains papers finanace and mgmt, english 

For finance management which book is best to prefer Prasanna chandra or R P Rustagi??

For finance management which book is best to prefer Prasanna chandra or R P Rustagi??

Any Re-applicant here? I heard 2016 mains paper consisted of questions such as, How many points SENSEX fell on the day of BREXIT? How many such types of questions were there? Can someone recall? 

Will RBi grade B notification come this year ??

How should iI start with quantitative Aptitude from scratch in regards to this exam RBORBI grade B. Please 

Pls answer how to max score

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