RBI Grade B 2016 Discussion (Phase I, Phase II and Interview)

RBI Grade B is one of the most coveted jobs after few Civil Services posts.

Grade B means Manager in Reserve Bank of India

Next promotion is Grade C i.e. Assistant General Manager (AGM)

You can reach upto Executive Director / Deputy Governor.

I will try to solve all your doubts / queries related to RBI Grade B Exam related to preparation strategy, books, newspapers, eligibility criteria, selection of subject, RBI’s culture, promotion, place of posting, salary, perks, etc.


Susheel A Ragade (BE, MBA-Finance)

Ex.Manager Reserve Bank of India

In last 4 years, 60+ My Students cracked RBI Grade B exam.

Sir, Can RBI change the Eligibility criteria ? 

i don't have 60% in graduation :( 

This tym the notifictn is yet to come..i thnk they wont change....ragade sir has to tell


Strategy to crack rbi grade b exam.? 

Hi guys. I am new to this paper and from engineering background so i dont have any idea on how to prepare for phase 2 subjects. So if u guys please tell me on how to prepare for ESI and FM ?? Which books to refer? Which online sources to refer?

A lot of people are recommending for FLIP certifications for basic finance knowledge and role based courses. Anybody here has gone through it ? will this certification help in the interview? 

is it necessary to have very good english for competing it?? 

Could some one pls list out the important topics to prepare in Quant and Reasoning to clear cutoffs in Phase 1 .. @Susheel_Ragade  

thanks in advance !!

Briefly explain Insolvency and bankruptcy code 2015?

What is twin balance sheet problem?

Hello puys, which books to refer for Social Issues? thanks puys for sharing materials, information and answering queries relentlessly.

I observed that the candidates succeeded in RBI gr B in few years are highly qualified. One question is continuously dragging me down to prepare that what is the probability of simple graduate and already working candidates who want to go to rbi as grade b officer. Pls give some light. @susheel ragade sir pls guide.

Hello everyone, need a help.

Which one would be more preferable to opt for?

Please mention gud books for it also

  • Economics
  • Finance and management
  • Statistics

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hw is devraj ray kindle edition?

Can anyone please share pdf/website link for all government schemes and policies launched in past two years? It will be of great help

is the notification out? can someone give the link here?

How working ppl are taking out time to study? What can we do in office hours, topics i mean?

Friends plz help me,In 12th standard I got 63,42,59,60,62 and 92 marks in English, maths,physics,chemistry,comp science and music respectively in CBSE board. Am I eligible for RBI Grade B?

I got 77 % and 75 % in 10th and BE respectively.

i have compltd my graduation in bcom eco honrs 

soo in my bcom final marksheet only eco honrs 2 n 3 year marks are considered n calculated in that i have scored 70% aggregrate in my bcom eco honrs

my bcom eco honrs final year mark sheet didnt consider my bcom 1 year mark at all becoz after passing bcom 1 year only we can take eco honrs 

if i consider my bcom 1 year also then my over all is 58% only n iam frm gen category

but my final marksheet consider only 2 n 3 year marks  only becoz of eco honrs i took they didnt consider 1 year mark at all in my final marksheet of gradtn soo in that final  have 70% aggregrate

so am i elgble for rbi grade b exam as in notfct nthg said abt honrs that how too calculate dere marks