rajyasabha protocol mains group 2016

for honeing preparatory skills for individuals

Welcome to the group, pls share your preparation strategies and any questions related to exam

Do the polity.no strategy

Compare discretionary powers of prez and guv?

Preamble to the indian constitution holds the key to its decoding and interpretation. Explain and illustrate.

hello everyone..let us try to write answer to above question and post here to compare our answers.

Briefly explain historical relavence and organisational structure of panchayati Raj

Guys when do you think Mains will be conducted?

  • April
  • Mid March
  • End of March
  • May

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will there be ques from grammar as it is not mentioned in the syllabus?

question paper ka link share karo pls

Bhai log, will rajya Sabha first release the schedule for mains or straightaway release admit cards? Suppose it releases admit card directly, atleast 15 din to mil jaenge na? I am preparing for another exam right now so asking.

Though PanchayatI Raj institutions are not there in the syllabus , but still do you guys think it will be important for the exam?? Actually in Loksabha secretariat ke purane exams me there were questions from PRIs (1 each year)

ย hello everyone! Can somebody please tell me what all to study for this mains exam. What all books should I refer? Hope I am not starting late. Also any idea about the exam date? I read the previous year question papers. In the paper 2 Constitution of India, is there any word limit for each question? How much are we supposed to write?ย 

All the best to evryone

exam reseduled ....... 30 April

Any good source for precis writing practise?

Ll mains also be in shifts?plz mention ue centers when the admit card ll be released

Separation of powers seems to be the cardinal principle for presidential form of government.this principle seeks to prevent despotism.but how come presidential system is more prone to autocracy than parliamentary form of government?

I cnt settle down peacefully till the admit card comes as otherwise there is always a chance of date change yet again..wat do u think guys

Give ur best honest guess for the topic of essay in english that can come ..

Called rajya sabha sec. Asked abt the admit card .he said its under process cant say anything right now.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘