Queen's Full time MBA 2016 - Batch starting from Jan 2015

This thread is for people applying to Queen’s Full time MBA 2016 - Batch starting from Jan 2015.I got an admission offer for 2015 batch. So i would like to connect with other who got admit or applying to the program. ATB!!

This thread is for people applying to Queen's Full time MBA 2016 - Batch starting from Jan 2015.

I got an admission offer for 2015 batch. So i would like to connect with other who got admit or applying to the program.


Congrats on the admit. When did you apply? Profile and scholarship data would help too...

Hi Everyone.. thanks @Grass_root for starting this thread and congrats on getting an admit.. can you please share your profile?

i am planning to apply for Jan 2015 intake.. however, i have
some doubts and queries.. though i am looking out for a 1 year MBA.. can you or anyone give me insight on top canadian colleges like Schulich, Ivey, Queen's and McGill or anyother for that matter and what will be the job prospects after studying from there..
not including Rotman here as i had got an admit last season but due to high fees i had to turn down the offer 😞
your inputs will be greatly appreciated..

Can someone tell us about the placement record of the school and MBA job opportunities in Canada. Why should a student choose a Canadian school over a US b school?

Hi there,

First of all understand that all the four schools are brilliant in academics and you are what you make of your MBA. That being said-

Rotman=Ivey > Queens>Schulich in terms of pure reputation.

For overall placements Ivey>Queens >=Rotman >Schulich.

All others are regional players in Canada with not much weight outside.

Now coming to placements for Indian students please take into account that in batch size

Queens (70)

The number of Indians ( with indian passport) hovers around Queens (25) Ivey (14-17) Rotman (65+) Schulich canada ( 100+) Now since these people are all vying for the same profiles and are coming from similar backgrounds ( 3-6 years HCL/Infy/TCS/L&T; with 680+ gmat less leadership opportunities etc) therefore one has to measure ones own profile against this metric to see if one is generally ahead of the game or in the same boat. The indians in the batch of all schools (unless loads of experience/ ca cfa cpa designation/ consulting background ) end up with jobs in the range of 68k - 80k CAD. IS THIS BAD ? absolutely not and though it also depends on your individual lifestyle and preferences, can definitely give you a good platform to build a career in Canada.

Which program you decide to attend should be based on asking pertinent questions like do I need a large or small cohort? do I need an extra year or can I make my work ex count? etc The opportunity cost of all 4 programs are the same at CAD 110 -125.



( Disclaimer: I have admits from Sauder Schulich Desautels and waiting for Ivey Queens)

Offered admit for Queens MBA 2016 with scholarship. Lets connect with fellow admits here and plan for the course ahead.

I have created a Facebook group for the 2016 Queens admits as well as a Whatsapp group. Add me on FB under Vidyut Banerjee or Pm me to find out more.

Congratulations to everyone who got an admit to Queens.

I had deferred my admission from last year so I would be joining with you guys.

We can create Google shared spreadsheet to store collective information.

Additionally we can connect using whatsapp.


I am applicant for the Jan 2015 batch and have been invited for the video essays. Can the guys who got admitted share their experience about the video essays.

1. How much is the usual time for a video essay?

2. What type of questions are usually asked in a video essay?

Your inputs are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Congratulations for all the admits.

Hi All, I have submitted my application and my transcripts have also reached them. Can anyone give me contact per details (email-id) to ask status?

Also, I am an Indian and studied in English medium do i still need to send TOEFL scores?

Hi guys.. does anyone have any information about Queens Masters in International Business. Will be glad if someone may throw some color on it. What are the prospects and all for Indian students...

whats the total fees for full time MBA at queens. I have 5 years of experience and will be giving GMAT....probably aiming for 2016. I have 65.3% in B.E will that hamper my chances??

I have received an invite for a personal interview with the Associate Director. Is this the final step ? How soon can I expect a response ? What kind of questions should I expect ?

Hi Guys.. I got my admit for Queen's yesterday. Very excited to join the program.. I am based out of New Delhi. I wanted to get some inputs for financing options. Could someone help me pls.. 

Hey guys...i got an admit from Queen's...this seems to be the only link to connect other than the fb page....pls let me know about any other group to stay in touch i.e whatsapp etc.

Hi Guys...I received an admit from Queens last night....would like to connect with you all...have messaged my number to Vidyut...pls add me to your whatsapp group...as it's already too late, I want to quickly move ahead with financing and visa....let me know how you guys are placed on these two...thx. Anand

I am applicant for the Sep 2015 batch for Master of international business and have been invited for the video essays. Can anyone please share their experience as this is my 1st video interview, so would like to know some sample question as well. 


Hi guys. I have applied for the 2017 batch starting in Jan 2016 at Queens and have been invited for the video essays. Could somebody help me with it? I am too confused as to how to go about it and can't find like a list of probable questions too anywhere.

anyone accepted to queen leave yr no so i can form a whatsapp group and we can help each other whether it be related to visa or financing !