Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS & other bank exams

Last question for today ( moderate to difficult) 

The distance between point X and Y is 80 km. Boat A could travel from point X to Y upstream and Y to X downstream in total 30 hours. Boat B could travel from point X to Y upStream and point Y to X downstream in total 9 hours. If the speed of boat B in still water is thrice of boat A in still water, what is the speed of boat B? (speed of current is constant for both) 

 P can do a work in the same time in which Q and R together can do it. If P and Q work together, the work can be completed in 10 days. R alone needs 50 days to complete the same work. then Q alone can do it in  .............                                                                     

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ans with xplanation pls


Series - 11,13,23,36,81,? options - 146 164 132 138 none

Series - 12, 16, 7, 23, -2 , ? options - 28 30 32 34 36

Question 52 The letters of the word “MOUSE“ are arranged in different ways randomly. What is the probability that vowels occupy the even place? 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 None of these

Question 54 The sum of ages of Amar and Akbar is equal to the age of Anthony alone. After four years, the ratio of ages of Akbar and Anthony is 4:7. What will be the ratio of ages of Amar and Anthony after another 2 years if it is known that Amar and Akbar are twins born on the same day? 4:7 2:3 5:9 3:5 None of these

Quantitative Aptitude Question 66 How many 4 digits numbers can be formed using the digits 0, 1, 4, 7, 9 which are greater than 2000 and less than 9000 without repetition of any digit? 48 54 60 66 None of these

Today's question level- moderate. Share ur ans & time taken. For me it took 3.5 min.. In an election only two candidates contested. 30% of the registered voters didn't cast their votes and 180 votes were declared invalid. The winner got 684 votes more than his opponent. The no. Of valid votes received by the winner is 42% of the no. Of the registered voters. Hw many registered voters casted their votes??


Statements :Some notes are coins. No coin is a card.

Conclusions :

I.All cards can be notes

II.Some notes are neither coins nor cards

  • if either I or II follows.
  • If both conclusions I and II follow.
  • If neither I nor II follows.
  • If only conclusion I follows.
  • if only conclusion II follows.

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What will be the next term? 7 8 12 23 53 138 ??

In a village, 70% registered voters casted their votes in the election. Only two candidates contested election. A won the electn by 400 votes. Had A received 12.5% less votes, the result would have been tie. Find no. of registered voters.

The difference between the cost price and sale price of an article is Rs. 240. If the

profit is 20%, the selling price is:

a) Rs. 1240

b) Rs. 1400

c) Rs. 1600

d) None of these

A number when it is multiplied by 8,it gives another number which is much more than 153 as the original number itself is less than 153.what is 25% of the original number.

1que...A boat travels 7.6km downstream in 24minutes and travels 7.8km upstream in 36minutes.what is speed of river current. 2que...In upstream,a person goes 42km in 12minutes and in downstream, 56km in 24minutes.what is speed of boat in still water.


English special high level according to recent trends of po exams 


Solve the Equations - (1) (p+q)^2 = 784 (2) 92551=92567-q. In this question how 2 Solve Equation No. 1.

Can we Solve this question with the help off "options" without solving the equation. Iff yes,plz elaborate it in detail. Question (53 )At a traffic signal there are rickshaws, cycles and cars present. There are in total 60 vehicles (rickshaw, cycle, cars). If the total number of tyres are 190, find the number of cycles when the number of rickshaws are the average of number of cars and cycles. (Assume rickshaw has 3 tyres) 15 16 20 25 None of these. Can we Solve this question with the help off "options" without solving the equation. Iff yes,plz elaborate it in detail.

Complete the Series & Explain the logic. - 5,12, 36, 123, 508, ? Options- 2550, 2552,2555, 2557