Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 18

This group will focus on solving queries related to quant for aspirants of CAT 18

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Has anyone of you started off with cat preparations in full swing?

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1. Comment your week Chapters/Part in Quants

2. If i am not wrong everyone might be taking Arun SHarma only ?

I've decided to join CL night classes. .is it good? I heard so

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Hi guys Anyone have CL material's..

Guys. .I want to improvise on my profile this year to expect a call from spjain. My academics is good. I'm a final year student prep for cat 2018. Can anyone suggest me some good activities where I can enroll myself without compromising my CAT plus Grad exam preparation ? My interests are music and article writing

CAT 2018 aspirants. Have you joined coaching or waiting for XAT results?


Awadh express and Bokaro express start simultaneously from Lucknow and Jamshedpur towards each other and continuously shuttle between these two places. Every time these trains meet each other. They turn back after exchanging their respective speeds. The initial ratio of their speeds is 2:1. Let the two trains meet at Patna, then what is the ratio of distances covered by awadh express and bokaro express till they meet for the third time at the same place patna


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Q.10 ..Please solve.

Somebody check q.72...I'm getting 26 every time. ..how's it 32?

A cistern can be filled by two taps A and B in 12 minutes and 14 minutes respectively and can be emptied by a third in 8 minutes. If all the taps are turned on at the same moment, what part of the cistern will remain unfilled at the end of 7 minutes? 

If I take Total Capacity as 1L then I am getting 19/24 as answer. And if I take Total capacity as LCM of 12 , 14 and 8 = 168 L . I am getting 133 L. Where am I doing it wrong? Kindly help!

Though a DILR question. ..If anyone could crack this question kindly make me understand

Somebody solve it. Plz