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DI Set 1:  (Try to solve 5 que in 5 minutes) 

Que: http://prnt.sc/cf0bv0

Solution: http://prntscr.com/cf0cm7

A milk merchant buys certain number of cans full ot milk. If he sells milk at RS 14 per litre, he gains RS 450 But it he sells milk at RS 10 per litre, he loses RS 150. How many such cans did He buy, if the capacity ot each can is 25 litres? 

 Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are three friends with different productivity.  Bramha working together alone needs as much time as Vishnu and Mahesh  working together, while Vishnu himself needs 8 hours more working alone  than when he works with Mahesh. Brahma working alone needs 8 hours less  than Vishnu needs working alone. In how much time Brahma, Vishnu and  Mahesh working together can complete the job ?  

A train running at 65km/hr passes a platform in 18 seconds. It takes 12 seconds to pass a man walking at 5km/hr in the same direction. Find the length ot the train and that ot the platform

The ratio ot the turnover ot companies, XYZ and ABC is 9:8 and the ratio ot their expenditures is 17: 15 respectively. Profit is calculated as the ditterence between turnover and expenditure. If each of the companies posted a profit ot 2500, what will be the ditterence betvween turnover of XYZ and expenditure ot ABC? 

DI Set 2 :   (Try to solve 5 que in 5 minutes or less) 

Question: http://prnt.sc/cfejsa

Solution : http://prntscr.com/cfeklb

A 10% sugar solution of 100gm is one in which 10gm of sugar is dissolved in 100 dm³ of water. On heating the solution , water evaporates.  So a 10% sugar solution of 1 kg is reduced to a total weight of 0.4 kg. What is the concentration of the solution now? (1 dm³= 1 gm).

a) 32   b) 22.2  c)18.2   d) 29.4

How to solve this?

Seed mixture X is 40% ryegrass and 60% bluegrass by weight. Seed mixture Y has 25% ryegrass and 75% fescue. If a mixture of X and Y contains 30% ryegrass. what % of the weight of this mixture is X?

  • 75
  • 50
  • 12.5
  • 33.33

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Someone Plz solve dis DI and post ur solution..


¬†An Indian car manufacturing company ‚ÄėWheelz‚Äô gets its spare parts from different vendors in different countries. The above table gives the prices of these parts in each country, in terms of the currency of that country. Apart from the cost of spare parts, an additional cost of INR 20,000 is required to produce each car. There is no other additional cost involved in manufacturing a car. ¬†In the table given below the Exchange rates of different currencies against the US dollar are given.

    Country  Currency           1 US Dollar equivalent

       India       INR                       45

     China     Yuan                      6.428

Canada   Canadian Dollar        1.071

    UK           Pound               0.56257. 

If Wheelz wants to manufacture a car at the least cost then what would be the expenditure in INR?
1] Rs. 132700      2] Rs. 144200      3] Rs. 131600      4] Rs. 1425008.

 If Wheelz wants to buy all its spare parts from one country, then from which country should it buy the parts so that the cost is minimum?
1] India                  2] China                 3] Canada             4] USA9.

 Wheelz sets up a new plant in the UK. It considers buying all spare parts either from China or from the UK itself. What will be the difference in cost (in pounds) in the two cases?
1] 50       2] 500    3] 250    4] 25 



quardatic equation..solution plz? 

John and Don have to clear their respective loans by paying 3 equal annual instalments of Rs 30000 each. John pays 10%p.a. of simple interest while Don pays 10% p.a. compound interest. What is the difference in their payments? 

Ans: 300

How to solve?

A waste pipe empty a tank in 30 minutes. But when a filling tap is opened it takes 40 minutes to empty the tank. Fine the time taken to fill the tank when both the pipes are opened.

Plz solve

Plz solve and send the solution too...

A bag contains 3 Red, 4 White and 5 Green balls. 2 Balls are chosen at random, What is the probability that the 2nd ball is Green? 

Is optn 3 right....plz check...

  In a solution of sugar and water the ratio of sugar and water by weight  is 1:4. This solution is heated and in this process it loses 50%  weight. What is the ratio of weight of sugar and water in the final  mixture? 

tatoos working per hour a day were increased by 25% and his wage per hour is increased by 20% by how much percent was his daily earning increased