QA 180 Days 2 CAT 2017

 The purpose of the group is to get the maximum help from peers. One's strength can be used to leverage the weakness of others. Let's make the learning enjoyable. 

R > Q > Z > W > N

R= Real

Q= Rational

Z= Integer

W= Whole

N= Natural

What is Q^C ?

A two digit number is taken and the two digits of the number are multiplied. This process is continued till a single digit number is obtained. What is the probability that the single digit number is 0? Options: 1/6, 8/45, 4/15, 11/45 Approach please?

Solution and approacg?

How many integers exist such that not only they are multiples of 2008^2008 but are also factors of 2008^2020? 1. 12 2. 481 3. 587 4. 2008^12

What is the radius of the biggest possible circle that can be inscribed in a sector of radius 10 cm and a central angle of 120degree?

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Gayatri books and binding works prepares 24cm*24 cm drawing sheets. Ramu, a worker in the unit is supposed to pack less than 250 sheets per hour into bundles.If he packs 6 sheets less per bundle, then he can pack 12 bundles more per hour. Find the number of sheets he packs per hour, if he packs at least 15 bundles per hour. 1.224 2.204 3.228 4.214