PXPX IIMA versus ISB versus NUS versus Harvard versus Duke Comparison

Hi everybody,

Hi everybody,

Thanks a lot,

thanks a lot

Mate, I have lived and worked in s'pore for last 8 years and am also shortlisted for iima pgpx 09-10. have a friend whoz a prof in Nanyang....u can drop me a mail at to ask me any specific questions.

what do u say???

Insead 6666

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As far as i know PG, the rules say that you cannot compare B Schools , then how come this thread is running

If i am correct then, request the mods to close the thread otherwise



Firstly I hope I don't get banned or suspended for posting on this thread as I don't know of the rule where discussion on bschools are banned. (which if you ask me is hard to understand unless there is a reason which I am not aware of).

But my take is you can take all the ISBs and IIMs of the world and you cannot come up with 1 HBS. Man! HBS is gold-plated on your resume. You go anywhere in the world and your brand value will be instantly recognized. You are talking about the recent events which make IIM-A PGPX and ISB look enticing options. However HBS has and will remain a coveted word on resumes the world over.



tell meiii

Hi Sir,

Hi Sir,

But one of my friends deferred HBS and chose ISB last yr. He is also a doctor.
He talked to many guys in US and came to the conclusion that in health sector, top schools are not worth the time, money and u will not get a visa .

I know of a mbbs doctor 2007 batch from Duke who could not get a job in Usa and had to come back.

Now that leaves me with asian schools.

I am confused between IIMA(ISB) And NUS(Nanyang).

is NUS Too inferior to IIMA or I can choose NUS and defer IIMA PGPX?
will it be a right decision?

thanks a lot

I strongly second pyscho's opinion here. H/W/S brand is unparalleled. With a degree from one of these 3 schools, I am sure you can find a job anywhere you want (with some effort of course).
Reg ISB Vs IIMA Vs NUS: You should try to find out how strong the IIMA n/w in Singapore is. IMO, it is pretty strong. I don't see why it should be difficult making a career in S'pore with an IIMA degree. There is a catch though, you might not be "guaranteed" a job in S'pore post IIMA/ISB. With NUS, a S'porean job is very highly possible. If you are totally convinced about Singapore, shouldn't NUS be the way to go?


First of all accept my heartiest wishes for yor score- 760 is envious:2gunfire:

Have been reading your posts and suggestions made by others,as a typical Indian i would also like to contribute

I fully agree with what you say about the big 3, Wharton,Harvard, Stanford..

US market is very unsafe these days, i speak from people's exp who have joined MBA-in US. Internships in smaller org, H1 issues, and pressure to payback 50lac plus+interest. With My background someone suggested 1 yr Kellog-accelerated program. I stand good chances of making to Kellog, but 90K$ in tuition fee alone is too much,the Risk increases manifolds.

as for ISB & IIM combined, obviously they do not stand infron of the brand value of the big 3 Globally.As for India obviously nothing to beat IIM & ISB( demand and supply ratio). with such a huge middle class population and so little colleges to choose from, the brand value would be maintained.

NSU,SMU( starting this year)NTU, INSEAD all are very safe prospects.Remember 20lac+ expense is not a short term investment,so the starting salary should not be the only parameter to judge the college.

Pay back period of ISB is also 4-5 years,and there are instances when ppl end up getting 10-11 lacs salary.Remember avg is 19 lacs, means majority of candidates would get salries in range of 14-15 lacs and not more. even ISb website gives details sector wise.

As per your specific need of settling in singapore i would second all the singapore colleges, which enjoy greater brand value in Singapore. Infact thats what i am planning, moving to singapore, and do the MBA from there itself, though i would apply to ISB also.

As for One college being better than other (ISB better than NUS) then its a perspective. It depends what are your priorities and what are you looking at from the MBA.End of the day decision is yours


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Thanks a lot,

why indian doctodo a mbar should us

HKU-has its distinct adv too, u can study at LBS or columbia for 3 months.Its global ranking is higher, ranked in top 20, but its more China oriented program.Singapore is a better place if you can choose, as for people like me who are yet to get a GMAT score, i am not in a postion to choose.

Even SMU could be a good bet, though u can only join in sept 2009 or Dec 2009, which means u would have to wait for additional 6-8 months incase u decide to leave Indian schools.

My sister has joined SMU this july for her undergrad-its a good place.

Am a Retail person and i also want to get into Retail Operations Or Marketing post my MBA( means cont in my doamin) so for me avg salary etc does not matter, i have to choose specific colleges,specific cities..

hope it helps

incase you are married, and your wife is also working Singapore brings lotsa oppurtunities.

Was talking about HKUST, have no clue abt HKU MBA

the journey is important and not the destination...

the journey is important and not the destination...