Pumba Batch 2005 - 2007

hey guys :: , how ull doing . i started this thread so that we may know each other . me from mumbai univ state rank 184 residing at thane hey guys does pumba have any hostel facilities .if no, then how can the arrangement be …

hey guys ,

how ull doing . i started this thread so that we may know each other .

me from mumbai univ
state rank 184
residing at thane

hey guys does pumba have any hostel facilities .if no, then how can the arrangement be made . moreover what is the fees to be paid and what is the amt.
anyone from mumbai thinking of joinig pumba plsssssssss pm me

bye cheers

keep rocking

hullo dude,
me too frm thane and have got PUMBA. there's no hostel facility there....have to go there to chk the living accomodation. keep in touch so tht we meet there. my id is [email protected]. where u in thane ims by ne chance?

as a matter of PUMBA has got hostel facilities n there r two hostels for guys in university one national n other international am in dilemma to join or not to jon pmba

hey unforgiven,

why do u think so i have spoken to few reliable sources in classes as well as seniors.surprisingly they were unanimous in their view that pumba is better than kj and welingkar moreover placement has had a significant leap in 2 yrs since they have restructured their syllabus and started the trimester pattern.
so consider these facts bfore making final decision. if u r joining pls pm ur contact details


hey me 2 got pumba..

i m from bhopal so i'll be leaving on 24th n reaching there on 25th..
the fees to be paid is 39500 dd in favour of "the registrar, pune university"
any info about the hostel facility or any another accomodation around campus??
i'll be in pune from 25th upto 27th morning, hey dude ne info on the acomodation plz call me on 09425376036 >

hi all,

i have got sydenham, but m planning to take up pumba through the second round. thats a first, isnt it? 😃

but well, the new couse structure has impressed me big time. sydenham has been using the same course pattern for atleast last 5 yrs.

i have been trying to access the pumba site, but cant get it open. could any of you tell me how the placements have been at pumba? and the lowest-ave-highest packages offered? i had visited pumba a couple days ago, but ppl there were quite busy answering the admission queries.

so lemme know, ppl. i may be meeting u all at pumba!

p.s. mbaaspirant, ur name is prabhavatsan, rite? sorry for any spelling errors there.

hey amruta,

i believe u have taken the rite decision . one frnd knows a 2nd yr student in pumba acc to him the salries r going to increase as the course structure is been seen under a very positive light by the industry sources presently the highest sal is around 6 lacs donno abt minimum (a very imp piece of info that we need ).i have mailed that senior frm pumba seeking more info but still did not recieve any response . as soon as i receive any info regarding this i will paste it in the thread.
by the way u r rite begood as far as the spelling of my name is concerned

bye c u all at

hey prabhavatsan,
are u sure about the 6.0 pa package? plz confirm from ur friend, as also try to find out the lowest package. i heard from ppl at career forum that engineers get placed at pumba quite easily but people from other backgrounds have a tough time (i am B.Sc Microbiology). this may be due to the type of companies visiting campus. see if u can find any info on this, n plz post it asap.

hi all....
seems just a handful on this forum r gonna be in the Pumba batch 2005-2007
watever might be the scene...i for one am definitely in

me an OMS candidate from delhi...reaching Pune tmrow morning.
though the chances of getting the university accomodation seems tough...i'll try my luck anyways.

guys so plz keep posting in abt any info dat comes handy regarding the accomodation...
wud be gng in for the fee submission etc eithr tmrw afternoon..or thursday morn.
k then guys...will definiitely cya all on 1st August!

take care

wel friends i had been able to make adcision finally though not heartily, well joinin PUMBA as of now, in pune now came frm mum. today expressway all clear, well will go to coll tomm. n all that guesses abou lowest sal-2l(student told) n comp with less than 12pm not allowed in campussoall onus on u now the tpo guy is alearned man though seems so frm the army,got in touch with some seniors they say it's good , but no one says hiis insts is bad.
guys signing off oe chao

hi guys,
cudnt come earlier as i cudnt connect to the net......the damsn rains took its toll in the last few days, but amchi mumbai has tkaen it in its stride and everything is raring to go back to normal asap....i was supposed to go to PUMBA yesterday but fer the rains.....m plannin to go there on 30th directly....then search fer an accomodation n all.........good to see ppl slowly acknowledgin this forum whch was gratefully started by prabhavatsan....thnx man...i was feelin kinda lonely takin admission in PUMBA:huh: well i got similar attitude like exxentrik_me(hope i spelt the name right) .....i fer one have no second thoughts of joining this coll whch i believe will really mould me well with its new revised pattern whch way too coooollllllllll.......hope to meet prabhavatsan, exxentrik_me and amruta in the campus on 1st aug.....

i thought the previus post was long enuff, so i broke this into two peices. this is fer all the ppl who believe in knowing abt the highest paid and lowest paid salaries..(strictly my views....nothin against neone)
wht do u think will u get after u get to knw abt the sal info??? do u think u'll also get the same sal when u passout after 2yrs??? i personally think tht its an irrelevant info....if u r good then u'll b :grab: by good companies no matter where u r....again its not the responsibility of the coll to get u paid so much.....how sure r u tht the highest paid guy got his sal frm the coll campus..he might b gettin tht frm his own contacts or so too,dont u think? i got friends from RIZVI coll who r now very nicely placed in CAP GEMINI........do u think RIZVI had nething to do with it? its all upto u.....if u r good then u will definitely get a good sal but dnt bank on the coll and just take coll whch offer u the best highest sal of the lot.........think abt it.....
again i write this disclaimer tht the above views r purely mine and not against ne particular individual...............

i would like to look for a flat or pg with people frm oms quota or other people takin admission in pumba n who would be givin their cat or other entrances again . interested may contact me at [email protected] , well i don't have a phone as of now but neone serious may sms me at my care of no. 9823563576, my friend's name is divas n my name is piyush,

looking for some resaponses , bye friends hope to get in touch soon

hey what abou get together of people joining pumba i would suggest sometime next week what say or this sunday but will be way to early for that , if people are still there in mumbai then i am plannin to ht mumbai on 31st preferably. mumbai no.-9820787445

hi friends,
i had gone to PUMBA yesterday...Pune univ campus is really humongous, man.......i m impressed....i paid the fees, can neone tell me a more cheaper B-School....when all the other coll r charging an average Rs 1-2lakh.our dear PUMBA darling is just taking a meagre Rs39,500/- yippppeeeeeeeeee .......i didnt see much seniors so cudnt get much frm them.....saw mbaaspirant(prabha vatsan) over there (he got a bit lost in the maze of the univ)........well we r planning to get rooms fer ourselves.......we searched a few but havent finalised as yet.........still have to search more......the ones we saw costs rs3500/- fer a 2BHK and a total deposit of rs30,000/- .....i feel the deposi is too much.......lets see if i can get to search more.......wht abt u guys? if there's ne option then let us knw.......wht r the OMS gurls doin? hope they too get a good facility accomodation....wishin u all the best.......i think the get together fer the PUMBA ppl tht Unforgiven suggested can b rather taken care of in PUMBA itself as the coll is starting on 4th of Aug......they r gonna have an orientation lecture on 4th and r gonna tell us abt the dress code...rulz et al........so PUMBA ...here i come

hi friends,
i had got 168 .wat coul be my rank.me n oms.wich coll can i expect.plssssss reply
hi friends,
i had got 168 .wat coul be my rank.me n oms.wich coll can i expect.plssssss reply

hello n welcome to pg.
stop bumping up old threads, use the search button there is a very active pumba thread, post ur query there, sumbody shud reply back.

oh wow...i had forgotten abt this thread whch had given me a lot of info and introduced me to ankit khale as well as exxentrik_me and many more..... oh those were the days with tension of gettin admission....aprehensive of PUMBA...wether it will be good or bad....had never heard of such an institution with weird name and all....but once in....the respect and attitude that we get sure removed all my doubts....thanx pagalguy for this thread...and thanx prabhavatsan to start this thread in the first place...:smile:

ohh truly, those days...
with raingod playing havoc in mumbai-pune and the admission procedure starting, i still remember that i was there on the 1st day of the procedure but DTE stalled it due to rains and in d end the whole formality was completed on 3rd or 4th day...
hey u all, u can send ur comments about pumba on this thread as well http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/life-pumba-25010459
bye TC