Profile of People who have Converted their IIM Calls!

hey ppl! Final call getters of IIMs please post yr profiles here. plz mention ur GD/PI calls, percentile, Fianl Calls, Worex if any and educational backgrnd. Also plz rate your GD Pi performance as per you. I know it cud be dicey still…

hey ppl!

Final call getters of IIMs please post yr profiles here. plz mention ur GD/PI calls, percentile, Fianl Calls, Worex if any and educational backgrnd.
Also plz rate your GD Pi performance as per you. I know it cud be dicey still....

Lets see if we cud identify a trend.


Converted BCLKI

CAT 2003 : 99.90 percentile

VA 99.69%
QA 98.58%
DI 97.19%

Acads - nothing great here

10th 74.8 (CBSE)

12th 71.3 (Karnataka state)

BE (Mech) 69% from MSRIT, Bangalore (even flunked a couple of subjects in my first sem :oops: )


B GD Good PI Good
C GD Good PI Good
L GD Good PI OK+
K GD Good PI Excellent
I GD bad PI Excellent

I think I did pretty well in GDPI since I converted all 5 IIM calls I had despite a very average pre-mba profile.


Converted ACLK(I not out yet, didnt get thru B)

Percentile : 99.8
Quant : 98.38
VA : 98.35
DI : 99.29

Work-ex : 2 years at Wipro Technologies

10th - 78.8
12th - 81.8
Engg(Computer Science) - 73

A - Great GD, Decent PI
B - Horrible GD, Okay PI
C - Good GD, PI was a disaster
L - Good GD, PI was not good
K - Excellent GD, Decent PI
I - Excellent GD, Decent PI

thats me and my calls!!!


Final A,C(both), L , K
Waitlist B

10th: 81.2 CBSE
12th: 92.2 CBSE

B.E & M.Sc (BITS,Pilani) 8.5/10

Workex: 3.5 years

CAT %: 99.31

IIM GD PI Result
A ok+ excellent Yes
B ok+ ok Waitlist
C ok- excellent Yes
L excellent ok- Yes
K ok ok+ Yes


Gd Pi Calls BCLK

Final Calls: IIM C L K.

Percentile : 99.46

Background. Frsher .. Aerospace Engg. IIT Kgp.

GDPI Rankings:

B: Ok GD Vague PI
C: Ok GD Decent PI
L: Good GD Good PI
K: Very Good GD Bad PI


Converted ABCLK

Percentile : 99.73
Work-ex : 10 months with Wipro Technologies
10th - 84
12th - 86.4
Engg(Electronics) - 77.3

A - OK GD, ...(7/10) PI
B - Bad GD, Good PI
C - Good GD, Good PI
L - Good GD, BAD PI
K - Good GD, Good PI


Converted BLACKI *am i lucky *

99.87 percentile

Sectional %iles :

DI : 99.55

VA :98.7

QA : 98.5

Work-ex : Zero

Acads -

10th 90.2 (CBSE)

12th 90.2 (CBSE)

Btech n Mtech (Electronics) 9.18/10 from IIT Kharagpur


B GD Good PI Good
L GD OK+ PI Good
A GD OK++ PI Very Good
C GD Good PI Good
K GD Good PI *wasnt asked anything at all*..Average
I GD Good PI Too Good


p.s. Juss 5 days left for graduation

NAME:Subhrajit Datta Ray
Presently:BE(Mech) Final Year Jadavpur University(82.12%)
Class 12:St.Xavier's College,Kolkata,WBHS(87.6%)
Class 10:Julien Day School,ICSE(88.2%)
Work Ex:NIL
CAT Prnctle:98.84
CALLS:L only
Opinion About GD-PI:Gd=good(7.5/10)
PI=bad(started of well but later stumbled,3 or 4/10)
Opinion abt Coaching centre:TIME(their aimcats really helped)



Overall : 99.92
Quant : 99.43
VA : 99.64
DI : 96.41

Work-ex : 0


10th - 89.7
12th - 94.0
B.E - 82.3

Good extra curriculars

A - Excellent GD,Excellent PI
B - Okay GD,Bad PI
C - Horrible GD,Good PI
L - Great GD,Good PI
K - Okay GD, Decent PI
I - Excellent GD, Excellent PI

Hi ppl,

Me - Changez Khan,
schooling - Mongolia,
Graduation - Military Tactics, Cavalry, Swordsmanship, etc, etc...

jus kidding..

Schooling - 8 different schools including St. Josephs College, Nainital n Seth Anandram Jaipuria Public School, Kanpur. (both ICSE board)
10th - 84.4 % (1995)
12th - 78.5 % (1997)
graduation -> PCCS, Noida (2002)
BE in Comp Sci n engg (77.3%)

couldn't get a job immediately after grad so taught at my college from october 2002.
joined infy in april, 2003 (also got a call from TCS at the same time) and am here at infy since then.
job profile ->, C#. also work on design, testing besides coding.

Calls :- BLACKI
Conversion :- far..

% :- 99.73
QA :- 94.xx

Workex :- Domestic :- 1.5 years;Others :- 1 yr
10th 87.9
12th 91.4
btech :- 76


A: - Gud GD/Gud PI
B:- Gud GD/Excellent PI
C:- Excellent GD/Best PI(Spot Offer )
L:- both gud
I:- Excellent GD/Worst PI
K:- Gud GD/ OK PI




10 th ICSE 93.67% (kinda high iant it )
12th (HSC Mah) 90.67... (hihg PCM though)
Chem Engg from UDCT bombay ... 75% avg . final year 70.58 (clas rank 7or

10 months workex in L&T; Engg and Construction in Oil nad Gas projects

%ile 99.86
quant 99.58
DI 98.11
VA 98.70

All GDs i participated ,... kinda spoke a little ...
A good till a point screwed me over match fixing
B good more abt work and future plans
C great PI damn relaxed
L ver y short PI not much asked
I long thing 30 minutes .. kinda ok
K screwed my PI due do some farts i made in GD .. quizzed alot on GATT WTO etc .. didnt know much so did not make it

ABCL (I not yet out .. K rejected me )
also had got thru FMS and XLRI

and now defintely joining A


me in same boat .. calls from A, C .. waitlisted by B.

Profile ....
undergrad : BITS (pilani) - computer science
workex : 2.5 years ..

do they have a waitlist number as well...


hi ppl,
Me manish aka bgcx3671 ..

GD/PI calls: A,B,C,K
Converted: A,B,C,K

Overall - 99.96
QA - 99.96
DI/LR - 90.34
VA/RC - 99.89

10th - 89.4
12th - 92.7
Grad(B.Tech IIT Kgp) - 8.96/10


IIMB - GD was ok types(6/10), PI was decent - they did not dig so I answered everything comfortably(7/10)

IIMA - GD was ok(7/10),PI was good .. answered most of the qs .. fumbled among a few questions, did not answer a couple maybe .. overall would rate it good(8/10)

IIMC - GD was great(9.5/10) .. interview was a stress one .. 2 of the 3 panelists kept screwing me abt me not thinking on feet/not being competitive and contradicting themselves saying I am very aggressive .. did not answr tech questions very well but answered some quant questions well(7/10)

IIMK - GD was ok(6.5/10) .. interview wasnt great(7/10)

11 months at joining

Hi All,


Percentile -- 99.94
Maths - 99.91
eng -- 98.7 ard
di 98.7 ard

Work ex - 4 years

10th 84%
12 85.4%
B.E (REC) 71%

Got calls from ABCL (K didn't attend/ I not out yet)

A gd -- good
pi -- avg

B gd -- good
pi -- good

C gd -- horrible
pi -- avg

L gd -- horrible
pi -- avg

I gd -- avg
pi -- brilliant :-)

That's it

wow!!!!!!!! so many juntas from PG!!!!!!!


CONGRATS and ALL the VERY BEST for ur BRIGHT future!


abe manish aka satan incarnate ..kaun batch ka hai bhai tum.. didnt ya ever see my profile ..

btw congrats

Hi ppl,
GD/PI calls: only L
Converted: L

Percentile 98.71
Acads 10th ICSE,LFS Jamshedpur 89 %
12th ISC ,LFS Jamshedpur 80%
Engg IIT Kharagpur CGPA 6.59/10 :(

Work ex : 0 years

GD : good
PI : Started off the end one of the guys asked me a very basic question(formula for coeff of correlation) on stats (lots to do with my Project) ...cudnt answer..told him I used softwares for it ....he replied ..."then what is the use of u being in IIT!!! " ;)

my percentile
overall 98.53
DI 98.5

work ex- Nil
done my CA and CS.
excellent acads throughout and pretty decent extracurriculars.
CALLS - B and L
GD PI B was gud, but they seemed pretty uninterested in my whole group's PI.
GDPI L couldnt answer certain Qs, but wasnt too bad.
hope something comes up in the waiting list at B

Converted L. To go or not to go is the Q now !