Problems with conduct of CAT 2009 Exam? Help us reach out to right authorities

Hi Everyone, The last 3 days have been chaotic, painful, frustrating and stressful for CAT aspirants and the CAT lovers alike. We have decided to approach the authorities with all the issues *but it requires due diligence and right way of com…

Here goes my info:
1. What the problem was
I had my exam scheduled on 29-nov-2009 at thakur college of Science

and commerce but it was rescheduled. i have not yet received the new

appointment or any communication regarding the same.

2. Center
thakur college of Science and commerce

3. Date and Slot
Slot :morning

4. Name of candidate
sudeep patwardhan

5. Testing ID

6. Mobile number

My Problems
1. What the problem was
I had my exam scheduled on 28-nov-2009 at TIT College Bhopal
but it got Cancelled. I have still not received information on rescheduling the test.
Got a sorry letter from prometric stating that we will be contacted by 29th EOD. Is there another technical fault in contacting too..

2. Center
TIT College Bhopal

3. Date and Slot
Slot :3:30 to 6:00

4. Name of candidate
Abhishek Arohi

5. Testing ID

6. Mobile number

1.What the problem was?
--on 27th night around 1:30 it was flashed on catiim website..test IILH9 was cancelled...but on reaching the centre...i could take de test and couple of more guys were there. Rest the paper went smooth, except for few typo.
--Heritage Institute OF technology Kolkata(IILH9)
3.Date and slot
--29th NOV, Morning slot
4.Name of the candidate
--sagar chandra
5.Testing confirmation number

CAT 2009 is horrible till nw... wht abt those students who either underperform due to lack of peaceful atmosphere in their centres or lost their concentration as their system was showing problems a no. of times...?? IIMs surely doesnt have an answer to this....

m writing CAT on 2nd dec bt still unsure whether i'll be able to make up the loss of dropping one year just to see this...........

  1. What the problem was- Exam Postponed Indefinitely. New Dates and Time not intimated till now
  2. Center - Garden City College Bangalore
  3. Date and Slot - November 29, 2009 10 AM
  4. Name of candidate - AVINASH
  5. Testing ID - SR6035569
  6. Mobile number - 9986246151

Thanks for such an effort.. I have filled my details/concerns in link the link provided.
Hope it will help all the victims..

Puys, please post your details in the link.. lets get things right!

is this for those who have GIVEN the exam or can even those who have had their exams cancelled fill this form?

zain imfy Says
is this for those who have GIVEN the exam or can even those who have had their exams cancelled fill this form?

Guess for both..

I know that this is not the right forum to post this but I cant find any other forum where I can give words to my feelings.

All of us had expected CAT 09 to be fair to everyone. CAT exam has always been the fairest and the most well managed exam amongst its peers. But, this year, I am feeling really bad about the manner in which it is being conducted.

My exam is on the 2nd Of December and to be very honest , I dont feel like appearing for it. They reason is simple. I have lost faith in CAT. It is no more a level playing field(LPF). To win or lose is secondary. To compete in a LPF is important. I dont want to lose an already lost battle and I dont want to win an already won battle.

I have been going through several forums and the information that I got from the posts has been depressing. Where some people got extra time to finish their exam and to cheat , some people could not even finish their exams because of crashing computers. This is simply not digestible. Where is the LPF that I have been talking about.

CAT authorities should have ensured that the exam was conducted without any glitches. With so much happening on the first three days itself, I have my doubts about the next seven.


There are a few question you have to ask them:

On 28th, Satish Deodhar, convener of the CAT committee of the IIMs, said the main reason for the problem was "incompatibility of some software at centres with servers."

He went on to say "This is the first time that CAT is being held online. Despite our efforts to keep a demo online, the students clicked wrong keys which in turn led to the problems."
New CAT spells trouble

- How come there was software compatibility when the test started? Didn't they check to make sure the systems were up to the task before beginning the test?
- What kind of wrong buttons that cause such problems were placed on the testing screen?
- If it really was a virus then what about the excuses they gave about "software incompatibility" and "students clicking the wrong buttons"?
- If they lied about the first two excuses then what is the guarantee that they are not lying about the virus?

Anyways.,..i've filled the form coz my exam was cancelled and i hvnt received any notififcation so far!

Are we allowed to put our contact no..coz i have been warned once 😃

ridge between iims and prometric.

IIM-C faculty upset with Prometric - Kolkata - City - The Times of India

Hi guys,
wanted to bring sthing really important to ur discussedon the forums some ppl are able to work on questions while their systems are hung.and once the system reboots they r able to resume their test where they left it-WITH THE SAME TIME LEFT.

if this is true then we r in deep shit for obvious reasons.Pls pls pls someone bring this to the attention of the iim authorities.

What the problem was:

4 questions out of 20 in Quant were not readable. One of these questions was just a sitter and I was sure of getting it 100% correct. But then I could not use the question to my benefit just because it was not visible clearly. These questions were noted down by the lab incharge and entered in his system. But then how is it going to help me in my total marks or percentile calculation? And will this question be corrected and become a simple sitter for others which they can easily crack?

Test Site:Fr Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering
Test Site Code:IIL45
Test Site Address:Fr Agnel Ashram, Bandstand, Bandra(W), Mumbai , Maharashtra, 400050 , India

Appointment Date:28 Nov, 2009
Appointment Time:10:00 AM

Name of candidate: Mahip Vyas

Testing ID: SR5931168

Check NDTV ....

Chairman of IIM Directors (SAMIR BARUA) live on TV ....

Major reason for crash is VIRUS ATTACK .....


Following is what the IIM-A Director had to say about the entire fiasco...

"Those who have missed will be rescheduled..... But they will not have much of a choice for selecting slots ..."
"Empathise with the Students .... But this is a part of the game.. such things happen, need to take this as part of the stride...."

>>>>>>>> from the conference it's clear that the test will go on as planned, seems the IIM's have washed their hands of the entire matter... well all said and done this is sad & unfortunate.. I was expecting the IIM's to rise to the occasion... Anyways best of luck to all those who are appearing for the test tomm... Hate myself for selecting 6th as the rendezvous date.. should have selected an earlier date... grrrrr... da wait is killing..

CAT 2009: My test was cancelled: Get Ahead
What the problem was
There was a power failure in between.While for some the test resumed immediately , for others there was a gap of around 45 minutes( i belong to the former category...). I think this time gave an undue advantage as it could have been utilized for already seen but unsolved questions.Also there was chaos meanwhile with proctors talking on phone asking for instructions and later on giving instructions to resume test, making it pretty hard to concentrate.

COEP, Pune

Date and Slot
30 Nov, 3.30pm

Name of candidate
Saurabh Garg

Testing ID

Hi guys,

Wanna thank ya... ya ppl are doing a great thing in here...
but juss one thing... ya are doing something positive... ya are helping to bring the system in place... I don't know how right it'll be to be so -ve about the IIMS...

Whatever is happening... is the same for all ...each and every candidate is facing the same anxiety and confusion... It's not that the server selectively is choosing someone and getting crashed... I am equally apprehensive about my paper...gonna appear on Dec 6th...

But whatever may be the case... IIMS still remain the most sought after institutes... tht's the place we all wanna be...

Let's face it the way it comes... stand strong but with grace...