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this is where we will post questions on RC, SC and CR for GMAT

this is where we will post questions on RC, SC and CR for GMAT

Studies of fatal automobile accidents reveal that, in the majority of cases in which one occupant of an automobile is killed while another survives; it is the passenger, not the driver, who is killed. It is ironic that the innocent passenger should suffer for the driver's carelessness, while the driver often suffers only minor injuries or none at all.

Which of the following is an assumption underlying the reasoning in the passage?

Oscillococcinum, an antibiotic drug that is used as an effective cure for influenza, is obtained from the liver and heart of a particular species of duck. About 20 ducks need to be killed for 1 pound of the drug. Thus increased production of this drug would lead to extinction of this particular species of duck.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously undermine the conclusion above?

The Dramatics Club has decided to select the final 20 Contestants for its Best Dancer Award in two phases. In Phase I, dancers will be divided into two groups and the better group will be selected from the two groups on the basis of an audition held for each group. The Club is doing this to ensure that only dancers with the best talent are offered the opportunity to compete for the award.

Which one of the following points out why the Club's decision might not be effective in achieving its goal?

A recently published article on Vitamin A metabolism claims that Vitamin A and Beta Complex intake have a complex relationship with cancer prevention: The blood levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene in 36,265 subjects were measured. Those with lowest levels had a greater risk of cancer. High doses of beta-carotene, even over long periods of time, were not associated with serious toxicity.

Which of the following, if true, would strengthen the article's claim?

Simply being out of work is not sufficient to be designated unemployed. Rather, a person who is out of work must be actively seeking employment in order to be counted among the ranks of the unemployed. Thus, a report on unemployment does not reflect accurate unemployment statistics.

The reasoning is based on which of the following assumptions?

His work on making a light truffle cake, very different from the normal chocolate-bathed truffle cakes, led Peter Winfred in 2004 to propose a recipe to a major company in which coffee powder had been carefully blended with chocolate powder.

The huge temple on the outskirts of the village was designed by Pandit Rameshwar, the Hindu priest, who had designed numerous temples during the nineteenth century and had initiated the secular practice of welcoming all people into the temples.

The exact period of the rule of the Mauryan Dynasty has been unearthed in the archaeological excavations, but what is more difficult to determine are the reasons for the decline and the takeover of the Mauryan dynasty.

When a new course was introduced in the arts college, the college was flooded with a great number of applications, leading to a fierce competition for admission into the college, proving the demand for the course and making the college most sought-after in the state.

Humans are considered unaccomplished runners if compared to mammals like pronghorn antelopes, which can sprint at 40 miles an hour for several minutes.

The US has the largest population of obese people in the world. Every year, hundreds of studies are conducted to find probable causes of obesity and educate the public. Results of several studies indicate a trend. When children consume large quantities of junk food, they become obese. The more obese a child is, the more lethargic he becomes. The more lethargic a child is, the more unsuccessful he will be as an adult.

Which of the following can be inferred from the information in the passage?

Juvenile hormone (JH), produced by the corpora Allata, regulates two important processes in insects. The first is development; as an insect develops, the degree juvenility of the next stage is determined by the amount of JH in the blood; the lower the JH, the more adult the next stage. Therefore removal of the corpora Allata results in premature stalling of the insect's complete life-cycle.

Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the conclusion in the argument?

Company Representative: The packing cases used by our company often pose a threat to the environment because they are treated with certain solutions that are particularly lethal in landfills. However, the new cases that have been developed will soon be adopted by various industries and since they are made from eco-friendly materials untreated with chemicals, when the transition to the new case is complete, there will not be any further threat to the landfills.

Which of the following would most weaken the conclusion of the stated argument?

A study carried out to examine the influence of paternal alcoholism on children's social-emotional development revealed that children of alcoholic fathers were at high risk for psychiatric disorders. These children were found to be over-represented in special schools for children with learning difficulties. They have been reported to have a four-fold higher risk of alcoholism and addiction in adulthood than the general population.

In evaluating the validity of the conclusion suggested by the study above, it would be most important to know which of the following?

The Seven Seasons is a food and grocery, small format neighborhood convenience discount retail chain that is on the verge of bankruptcy today although it offers branded goods at a lower price than its competitors. The other factors that add to its 'common man' image are its location, no-frill stores, no fancy lighting and no touch-and feel experience (consumers have to ask for products at the Seven Seasons). Its pioneers claim that they do a lot of research before starting business in an area. The chain began five years ago with 14 stores and today boasts of 1250 stores across the country.

Which of the following questions is LEAST likely to be relevant in determining the reasons for the failure of The Seven Seasons?

The unhygienic disposal of plastics effluents and its effects on human health have become a matter of concern. Colored plastics are harmful as their pigment contains heavy metals that are highly toxic. Some of the harmful metals found in plastics are copper, lead, chromium, cobalt, selenium, and cadmium. Aizwal is a city known to have several plastics manufacturing industries and accounts for 25% of plastics produced in the entire country. Hence, proper methods of plastic disposal have to be undertaken to ensure that the environment around and health of the people living in Aizwal are not adversely affected.

Which of the following provides the most support for the argument above?

The rate of unemployment nationwide during the period 2001 – 2005 among people between the age group of 18 to 56 was 60%, whereas the rate of unemployment during the period 1995 – 2000 was 40%. The literacy rate nationwide during the period 2001 – 2005 was 80%, whereas the literacy rate during the period 1995 – 2000 was 60%

Which of the following can be inferred from the information given in the passage?

During the year 1982, the noon-meal program was started in a village. About 350 students attended the then sole school and it was mandatory that the students also participate in the noon meal scheme. The strength of the school gradually increased by 7-8 % every year for the next 5 years. After almost 2 decades, the strength decreased considerably and there were hardly any takers for the noon meal scheme. Yet, the children in the village are well educated and are pursuing higher studies and the living conditions of the villagers have improved.

Which of the following if true, will help to resolve the paradox?