All Preventive Officers (who cleared CGL 2014) are requested to join this group

Somebody who have the experience of PO plz share the

1. work experience/pressure from seniors.

2. power, authority , promotion aspects.

3. postings within a zone: depends upon ssc rank or not, posting outside zone, chances of transfer to another zone( can we go to Delhi),

4.cost of living in Mumbai vs salary wrt good places to live nearby workplace.

5. utm vs risk, social respect &

6. Place, institute & period of training for POs.

7. most importantly .... physical examination before it a formality or serious stuff.. & 4 that does we have to go to mumbai

I urge everyone here who is following the thread, to interect n ask n let others know the info u hav cum to know...

Hi frnds. Congrats to everybody. Where will be d training for POs.

promotion ka kya perspective hain....po mein....

Sry its not possible from my tab to paste a link here. Go to the URL.  Mayb u will get some of ur genuine answers about preventive..

hi yaar please koi medical and physical test ka experience share karna please.... i am flat footed and have knocking knees koi dikkat aa sakti hai kya

joining kab tak ho sakti hai,,, usi hisab se resign karna hoga..:)

joining pe in hand salary kitni hoti hai...:)

Your preference in decreasing order of 6 places,

everyone do comment..

people say Mumbai is best for PO...

Used to watch banged up abroad (locked up abroad) 😄  so do we nab people who carry illegal material at airport or dockyard.

How do we know which airport comes under which zone? I am from North West region and want to know whether I'd have to join somewhere in south only or options are there in NWR/NR as well?


One point which we thot that PO z r related only to Docks,  Now its clear that our job is not only related to Docks but we can also be posted in Airports.

Any concrete word of when joining will come??

Nice work bro. Guys share as much as u can.

Hi friends. . Is it true that PO working hours are 12 hrs/day? I heard that in 6 days 2 days day shift. 2 days nite shift.. 2 days holidays.. i.e 48 hrs/6 days. . This is hectic I think..

All officers need your presence.

Can anybody explain..why there is difference in promotion in different regions??