Pre Thread for LIC ADO Interview

sure dude

sure dude

Hi hemant , i had cleared ADO last year , they dnt ask much question on lic ! they just wanna c ur attitude , willingness to join lic , communication , grooming etc....

few basics on LIC

hey neha, plz share your interview questions asked during interview

Any tentative date when will they start calling for the interviews???

@neha.coool plz share ur experience of lic ado interview and guide me how to prepare for it.
belongin to a non commerce background what to prepare?

I received call letter for interview on 19 April 2013

@kamalenergic Is it via post or by mail???
@adilee Today by post
@kamalenergic u have given exam from which region?
@neha.coool THANKX ALOT SHARE MORE...............!

which document should carry at the time of interview???????

@kamalenergic did they only sending through post..or intimating through mail also???

I havent recieved any letter via post till now about venue as well as date of the interview.

oly degree is enuf fr lic ado post.... rite?... mba is nt compulsory....rite??... coz sum1 has really confused me sayin dat mba is compulsory.... plz help...

what is ADO's job profile and inhand salary..?

@anjali_taneja Tamil nadu ,chennai

@dbzrules MBA is not compulsory but if you have a MBA it will b an added advantage!

@adityasingh88 Interview questions --------- well there would be 3 panel members
1st - technical knowledge about LIC
2nd - Personal / H R question
3rd - psychometric ( He will only observe)
@adilee Only by post , you might get a phone call !