Pragyan'16- The Annual International Techno-management festival

Follow this thread to know about the A to Z happenings of NIT Trichy's 4-day fest starting from  25 to 28th February. 

What NIT Trichy's Pragyan 2016 has in store for you

Technology is not an event; it's a part of everyday learning. To celebrate this part of our daily life, NIT Trichy brings to you 'Pragyan'. This fest is organised by NIT Trichy's organisation which itself is also named Pragyan.  The organization Pragyan happens to be the first student-run organization in the country to get an ISO 20121:2012 Certification for Sustainable Event Management.

Pragyan, the fest, presents an opportunity for engineering students to convert their ideas into reality. With teams from over 60 countries taking part in the contests, Pragyan will host more than 50 events spanning across 11 genres. It's not just the prize money that is lucrative, but the allure to compete and excel that has been drawing the participants to Pragyan.  The fest will also host a workshop series that will be conducted by visiting companies, Texas Instruments, SEBI, Amazon and the like.  

What good is a tech-fest without a good debate? The idea of 'Crossfire', a panel discussion, was born with precisely this thought in mind. It aims to provide a global platform for academia, industry and government to interact with the student fraternity. Every year, Pragyan teams up with the best technological organizations to come up with challenging and useful workshops, just for participants.

The various exhibitions will also showcase some really interesting displays for the participants to check out. Along with this, the students of NIT Trichy, under the banner of 'Sangam', display models developed by them on various problems. It ain't all work and no play. Pragyan will host an array of events under 'Infotainment' that will be a welcome relief from all the knowledge and experience-driven events.

Currently in the 11th edition, Pragyan hopes to bring fore a different perspective to see science.

Going to NIT Trichy's Prgyan'16? Read on to know what this ISO 9001 & 20121 certified techno-managerial fest has in store for you.

This year, Pragyan will have 47 events to choose under 8 clusters. These clusters include Code It, Manigma, Chillpill, Amalgam, Core Engineering, Landscape, Out of the Box and Robo Vigyan. The events under each of the cluster hope to tap every aspect of the spectrum of Science, Technology and Management. Events like Code It, Manigma, Chill pill, Robo Vigyaan, are all sure to keep your brains working. And there are some attractive prizes also in store to be won.

Pragyan will also be hosting workshops conducted by professionals like IBM's cloud computing workshop or Amazon's Web Services. Get a hang of the Stock Market and Financial Planning with SEBI's interactive session. Crime scene re-construction, astrophotography, soil foundation analysis, automobile prototyping and so on are of your interest don't forget to register at Pragyan. You don't want the bus for this one!

Celebrating technology doesn't have to be any less fun-filled than any cultural experience and the strongest case for this is made by the Infotainment series of events, who have added the oregano to the Pragyan pizza over the years. In the course of this, they have called down a variety of performers including Pyroterra, the Czech performing group, to Solar Punch, the world's only solar powered music band. And this year, the line- up is no less impressive:

S Aravind

The old-school Tamil Iyer who broke onto the scene and took it by storm. The man whose first solo show sold itself out 8 hours after opening. He is a member of the Evam group and has featured in a number of shows with them.

Sorabh Pant

You've heard of East India Comedy. You've LOLed at East India Comedy. You've always wanted to go to an EIC show. This guy FOUNDED East India Comedy. He was voted the second funniest Indian comedian...after Russell Peters. Need we say more?

Illuminati Tron

The first and only troupe in India with proprietary TRON technology, they won the India's Got Talent Season 1. As you watch the event unfold, be prepared to blur the barrier between science, science fiction and magic.

JC Sum

As the 'Asian Ace', this Singaporean entertainer is widely recognized as the new face to an old art, who has managed to revive the crumbling role of illusion and magic in our silicon and concrete jungle world. His impressive list of illusions include teleportation, telekinesis, mind reading and escapism.

Gira Somnis

This is a Spanish troupe who perform combined music, video art and dance to provide an overall mystical experience. The visual and the music of Paco Weight and pianist Jorge French will join the choreography and movements Barbara Fritsche and Javier Muoz, in a totally original audiovisual spectacle of dance and created to suit the occasion.

To see the fun, join us at Pragyan 2016! 

One of Pragyan's core objectives is to bridge the gap between technology and those who can use it. Guest lectures represent the strongest attempt at this objective. In this regard, Pragyan has consistently called some of the most brilliant minds in the world to speak to the students, to inspire and enrich their knowledge in their pursuit of technological advancement. The speakers this year are worthy of all that and more:

1. Peter C Schultz:

A name synonymous with the field of telecommunication, Peter Schultz is the co-inventor of the revolutionary fiber-optic technology that is growing by leaps and bounds in science and healthcare. He was awarded the National Medal of Technology- the highest respect in the field of technology of the US Government- and inducted into the prestigious National Inventors Hall of Fame.

2. Varun Agarwal:

Author by profession, filmmaker by choice and an entrepreneur at the core, Varun Agarwal is the present day youth buzz. With his habit of challenging conventions, he went on to found AlmaMater - an online sensation that produces custom t-shirts and memorabilia for school and college alumni. He also generated interest among the engineering youth of the country through his video venture- Anu Aunty.

3. Ralph Leighton:

Ralph Leighton is an American biographer and shot to fame after he published the biography of Richard Feynman. He is said to be the origin of the famous documentary "Genghis Blues".

His interaction with the physicist led him to author two books-"Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!" and "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" that deal with Feynman's life.

4. Archana Sharma:

The only Indian name on the esteemed CERN directory, Archana Sharma is a senior scientist currently working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, a particle accelerator or "atom smasher" that propels subatomic particles called hadrons at high speeds) . She completed her Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Delhi and her D.Sc from the University of Geneva. The lady stands as an impressive role model to today's generation.

5. Rene Reinsberg:

Just like any one among us, he too had been bitten by the elusive "start up bug" but, unlike many of us he didn't let the sting fade. He instead found its antidote and now heads the Emerging Products Initiative of GoDaddy. He got an MBA from MIT and went on to become the CEO and Co-founder of Locu (now largely owned by GoDaddy).

6. Sudhir Kumar Mishra:

IIT Madras alumnus, missile scientist, CEO, MD, research enthusiast-these are the many hats donned by Mr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra. He guided the BrahMos Team to achieve steep dive capability of Land to Land flight testing for longer ranges. As Counselor (Defense Technology) at the Indian Embassy in Moscow and Director (International Cooperation) at DRDO- he has coordinated the defense technology cooperation of the Government of India. He was awarded the "DRDO Scientist of the Year" award in 2009 and holds many other positions of importance in the field of space research in India.

7. Abhas Mitra:

Mr.Abhas Mitra is an Indian astrophysicist popular for his distinct views regarding some classical astrophysics assumptions like the Black Holes and the Big bang theory. He has offered exact proofs for these claims and is an active researcher in the area. He headed the theoretical astrophysics section of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India.

8. Gianni Di Caro:

Gianni Di Caro is a Senior Researcher at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) who works on Swarm robotics. He weaves in human cultures and relationships into these robotic colonies such that they seem they actually duplicate us and can make what he refers to as "cultured robots". He owns 4 Marie Curie/TMR/JST Fellowships and over 25 international publications.

The crossfire event is one that is wholly unique to Pragyan. In this event, several eminent members of society from different walks of life are called down to the campus to engage in a debate on a pre-decided topic. The topics are usually socially relevant and thought provoking. The intention is to promote thought in the students about socially relevant matters by bringing out the various perspectives that the guests bring along with the depth that their experiences bring. This year, the guests who will be joining us for this purpose to carry this tradition forward are:

1. Nawshir Mirza:

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Partner of S. R. Batliboi & Co. at Calcutta, Mr.Nawshir Mirza is a well known personality among the corporates. He acted as an Advisor to Jardine Matheson Ltd., Hong Kong, is one of the independent directors on the Boards of Thermax Limited, Foodworld Supermarkets Limited, Coastal Gujarat Power Limited, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited and Health & Glow Retailing Private Limited. His efforts to improve governance and ethics in the corporate sector and other accounting professions have spread his fame far and wide. He is also involved in the Indian Red Cross movement.

2. Ajay Shankar:

Shri Ajay Shankar IAS, Member Secretary of the National Manufacturing Competetiveness Council is a Distinguished Fellow with TERI and was assocated with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. He has served on the Board of IDBI, EXIM Bank, NTPC, NHPC, PFC, REC and Tata Global Beverages Ltd and as Chairman of the Damodar Valley Corporation.

3. Anoop Poonia:

Mr. Anoop Poonia is a Program Officer from Climate Action Network (CAN) known for his impact on Low-Carbon & Climate-Resilient Development and Climate Finance Framework in India. He, as the Co-coordinator of CAN, facilitates policy positions and advocacy strategies for its Climate Finance working group. He is also the President of the Indian Youth Climate Network, which addresses climate change as a potential and real threat to the future of Indian youth.

4. Bahar Dutt:

Bahar Dutt is the Winner of the Green Oscar, a conservation biologist, environmental journalist and the author of 'Green Wars'. She has also worked as an Environment Editor with India's CNN-IBN. Her most distinguished accolade remains her Wildscreen Award. She dedicated ten years to educating and helping the snake charmers' community find alternate livelihoods. She has also been awarded the Young Environment Journalist Award, the Express Award for Excellence in Environment Reporting and the Sanskriti Award.

5. Abhinandan Sekhri:

Abhinandan Sekhri worked at the TV Today Network for five years before becoming an expert in the most challenging field of media. He co-founded two media platforms: Small Screen Film & Television Pvt. Ltd and the News Laundry. Small Screen provides content solutions across various platforms and formats;, on the other hand, is a web-zine and online video channel, airing critiques of current affairs and news reports. Mr. Sekhri also established the Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF), along with Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia.

Pragyan'16 has promises to build the bridge between technology and the consumers of technology. And to keep this promise they have invited some of the most brilliant minds to address students during the three-day event..

If you are participating in Pragyan'16, this will be your chance to listen to Peter C Schultz, who is the co-inventor of the revolutionary fibre-optic technology. Or it could be Varun Agarwal who dons the hat of an author and entrepreneur. One can also look forward to the lectures that will be conducted by Ralph Leighton, Archana Sharma- a senior scientist with CERN, Rene Reinsberg from The guest lecture series will also have sessions conducted by Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Abhas Mitra of BARC and Gianni Di Caro- who is best known for his Researcher at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA).

Participants will also have an opportunity to debate and discuss socially relevant topics with several eminent members of society. To name some, Ajay Shankar- Member Secretary of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, Anoop Poonia- a Program Officer from Climate Action Network (CAN) who will be panelists for an event called 'Crossfire'.

Last but not the least, Bahar Dutt a Winner of the Green Oscar and Abhinandan Sekhri, who is the co-founder of Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF).

Pragyan'16, platform to learn and innovate

NIT Trichy's annual techno-management fest -Pragyan, started with a high on February 25, 2016.  It started with a plethora of events, ranging from workshops, guest lectures, infotainment events and more.

The events organised on February 26, saw active and enthusiastic participation from students of various colleges. Circuitrix, an event for all circuital enthusiasts to prove their sheer passion in the form of innovative projects, had a huge turnout. Junkyard Wars, an event for all robotics enthusiasts, had two teams engaging to build bots, which would compete in a snooker match, with the materials provided. People turned up in large numbers to witness robots battle against each other. An array of workshops ranging from Cyberwarfare and Security to Internal Combustion (IC) engines were also conducted by various experts. A successful lecture by Mr Ravi Nawal, a management consultant and author of the bestseller, 'India Can', brought attention to how the branding of products in India had evolved beyond mere mimicry of the western culture. 

February 26, also witnessed the commencement of the exclusive intra-NITT initiative of Pragyan -'Sangam' which saw participation from 33 teams. The exhibition provided a platform to help the brightest minds of NIT- T to implement their innovative ideas and earn recognition. The ISRO exhibition was an impressive affair, with models of all the major spacecraft that India has ever created. Models of the Chandrayaan and Mars Orbiter were also on display along with a Moon Impact Vehicle model. Infotainment shows, merging technology and entertainment, have always been a hit at Pragyan. They create a delightful experience through blending of mystery and illusion. Girasomnis, a projection dance troupe based in Spain, left everyone spellbound by beautifully blending technology and art.

Pragyan is all set to live up to its motto and bestow success to the hard work of every individual involved.

The third day of Pragyan kick-started with several guest lectures that were a major crowd-puller. Lectures by Sudhir Kumar Mishra, CEO and MD of India's premier missile programme, BRAHMOS and by Gianni Di Caro, a senior researcher at IDSIA, the Swiss Artificial Intelligence lab, both witnessed a packed auditorium. The latter's presentations covered the various aspects about the same, including modelling and engineering of robots, applications of Swarm Robotics, cognitive heuristics, and human-robot social interactions.

Some unique events and workshops also conducted throughout the day saw active participation from students of different colleges. 'Aerogami', a one-day workshop on the science of paper planes and basics of aerodynamics, followed by a competition, was one of the major attractions. 'Quadcombat', an event sponsored by TCS, tested the quads piloted by the participants based on speed, navigating check points and their ability to intercept obstacles. Events like the 'Seven Stones' and 'Nittro', saw robots developed by students to do some of the most wonderful tasks. A crossover of robotics and racing madness, 'Rush Hour', had robots completing a lap impeded with obstacles on site, while the second round involved the robots searching for a box in a maze. The management events of Pragyan participants was brought out in the Marketing Hub event where the participants were required to undergo a round of Ad Zap, from which 10 teams were selected for the product launch round.

One of the highlights of Pragyan, Crossfire, features an eminent set of people who debate, discuss and voice their opinions on some of the most pressing issues of the time. This year's panel witnessed Abhinandan Sekhri, the Co-founder and CEO of Newslaundry, Nawshir Mirza, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Partner of S. R. Batliboi&Co.Boardat Calcutta, and Bahar Dutt, Former Environmental Editor, CNN IBN, Anoop Poonia, an outstanding Program Officer from Climate Action Network (CAN), Dr. A Ravindra, head of the Centre for Sustainable Development, and Chellapandi. The discussion was revolving around the theme 'Development sustains Pollution; Must we defile to go the extra mile?'.  

In all, the day lived up to all the hype and more, thus enabling Pragyan to live up to its motto and bestow success to the hard work of every individual involved.


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