Post BIM Bangalore Queries here!!

Hi, This is the thread started by students of BIM bangalore. Post your queries here! :: :


This is the thread started by students of BIM bangalore. Post your queries here!


Since there has been a lot of queries then I thought of breaking my silence and then revealing the true situation on bim Bangalore following r the points

it is a very bad college !!

Since there has been a lot of queries then I thought of breaking my silence and then revealing the true situation on bim Bangalore following r the points

Guys first ask urself the question why u want to come to this college
Options :
** U acknowledge that bim trichy is top most being in bim Bangalore u visualizing it to be in the top most colleges sister concern
**Or u got a bad percentile in cat and dont want to waste one more yr and then u know u wont get admission in some other good college
Option 1 : for people who have good percentile its for ur information tht never thnk u r getting any bim name or support or help the bim alumini is completely against us
Not even that u will get support from bim alumini and also bim trichy placements which is a complete dream u will feel the stumbling blocks from the alumini so they r just advertising it to be bim to attract the crowd its not bim its bma u may just get a degree with bim written on it but none of the bim trichy companies will come here nither which are returning after the placement of 116 students on the first day
Option 2 : for people in the second cateogary its not soo bad college

Bim banaglore is not at all reputed college with no market value at all
The director is not at all helping the guys to get placed imagine the director of same college is not helping the guys to get placed
There has been a lot of chaos regarding who is the placement chairman
Hardly 1-2 reputed companies have come here
The experienced people are undergoing a hard times here becoz the placement chairman is not at all concerned about the laterals etc he is not taking any interest in the profiles of individuals
The placement chairman is totally incompetent
Imagine they opened a college and now the placement chairman told u that companies dont want to take single specialization or for single specialization one bank is giving 2.5 lacs they have totally faultered in the programme design without any summer or internship there is a lot of criticism about the 1 yr programmes in the industry and from the pulse what I can feel is that the industry is not finding the people with 1 yr specialization to be too good except GLIM , ISB where the biggies are there to place u well and get u the ROI
Now imagine which compny wants to take u without summers and if they want to quit summers and take only exp people then how will this college grow if they place exp people in low salaries or continue to take freshers and then tell them that ur fresher thts why we cannot place
The college is in total nascent stage where there is no decision about the subjects and specialization and any prof comes and teaches for even one subject multiple profs will come and then they are tested by wasting ur time
There is no control of mgmt and there is a placom committee in which lot of politics goes on and then they themselves send the names of the guys this shows the insecurity feeling of the people most of the guys have tried pushing their names 4-5 times but have not been selected by the companies imagine what will u do in such a college and where the guys who r playing politics think that its getting inside the company is like a game imagine their standards
The food quality here is not at all good they r charging 3.5 k per month and the hostel has been in the residential area where there is a conflict and every day people are reporting about the noise of TV and other things in hostel they say that they will report to the police imagine one day police comes and hits u all
There are no facilities in the hostel like reading room and something for playing etc
I have also escalated this matter to the companies that has visited the campus
Its more like a school where there is lot of partiality about marks etc
Im my opinion this college will not live and will be closed in 1-2 yrs b ecoz first time 200 app came 2 nd time 400 app came and third time only 104 applications came so u can easily see the decline if u want to be a part of declining college ur most welcome

Ur coming here for placements like some what lower that bim trichy but ur not getting it then u cam easily compare what value ur getting out of ur money in my opinion it is wiser to go and join some old college but clearly stated avg salary etc
There are no permanent faculties and it more like a coaching institute which all subjects classes arranged here and there and if some faculty will come then there will be 4 hrs classes for 2-3 days of the same faculty
At the end I want to say that pople if u are really not getting admissions in any top 35
Institutes in India then only come here

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