po in canara bank thru po4

All canarians join here

Congrats to all;-) 

Canara Bank from Kolkata 

canara , bond is of 25k & 2 years , right ?

how's the working environment ,  will someone throw light on it ?

Where is staff training college 

Any idea about joiningdate?anyone from tamilnadu?

In at 54, Canara Bank. Hello 😃

From Delhi-NCR region.

hello and congrats to all...:)

wassup guys , gabbar ki team mein haaha

I got CANARA BANK through OBC quota... My score is 47 (written-81, interview-73)...

But I am a JAT candidate, so will they allow me to join, as Jat quota has been scrapped by Supreme Court recently?

Kindly clarify...

Iam from Bihar.... Currently in Bangalore

Any idea about salary and perks

Hi Fellow Puys, 

First of all congrats for getting selected in one of the big four banks in India !!:)

I have joined Canara Bank just like you through ibps 3, so I might be able to help out you Puys regarding your queries. So please go ahead and pour your queries. 

All the Best!! 😃

From BHOPAL OBC  49.8 alloted canara bank. Is there any posting preference.

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kiran pasha

52.8 from ap got canara bank

Sivasubramanian from TN

OBC 46.4


I am allotted Canara Bank

I have a few queries:

1. Will we get any intimation from bank, if yes then by what date?

2. How long does it take for this whole process(I am working and need to serve notice period of one month)?

3. When will we be aware of the posting ()location) which we will get?

PS. In short it will be really helpful if somebody gives a brief of the whole process along with timelines.

this group is so dead

Hello everyone.. Good morningi have a query at the time of document verification which might be after 3 month(june) will we need to produce new OBC certificate or the same certificate which we produced in interview will work.?