PM announces reservations of seats for IIMs and IITs for Pakistan students

hello guys, this is a good endeavour as far as international relations are concerned. But let me say this: IITs- 99% of the applicants to JEE end up not being there…thats the competition and ratio between the applicants to the final getter…

hello guys,
this is a good endeavour as far as international relations are concerned.

d00d..can u plz elucidate ??

what kind of much and for whom ??

ohk man after reading it thru a microscope got to know u were talking abt pukees sorry pakis(that is for the cric thread )...reservations for em--ahem first reaction--why???secon\d thougt--why not ?? but quality matters--the QoS must be stringent...
totally agree with u oin that
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This is what the dood is talking about

WTF ......... y not ask them 2 compete wid d indians ...... y reserve seats ..... i guess v already have enuf of seats booked for whole lotta ppl ....... they r making the general category d OPRESSED category

Having read the whole post, I think its a step towards making IIMs more global n on the line of internation B schools...

the poit is valid that we shud have more seats wen we r planning to offer it to ppl outside the country...but opposing the move outrightly won't be gud. Have you ever seen american opposing wen someone gets into Wharton, Kellog or Havard? Have u ever seen phillipines (its also developing country n want their students to have first chacne!!)opposing foreigner's admission to AIM?? We should have done away with the reservation but allowing them to compete wud be a gud idea...wat ya say?

Wen we are talking globalisation n IIMites are taught the lesson of "being the best" and wen sing the jingle of "baki sab ki le li...zig zag zig zag..." , this parochial view wudn't fit with their global brand which they are tyring to promot.

Disclaimer: The view is very personal n no offense meant.

dunno wat the govt is trying to prove by this step....even if we see it as a CBM, then its gonna hurt India more in the long run than any benefits.....for pakis, it will just be a golden opportunity to get in to some best instis and improve their social level in pak(in case they go back to pak).....and granting few odd pakis seats in these instis doesnt gonna solve J&Kprob...instead;, as pointed out earlier, it will just make admission more tough for it is govt is dragging its feet on the issue of opening more IITs and IIMs........

i m no hawk, but i m very much against this decision of indian govt(if it comes thru)

no cheers

Having read the whole post, I think its a step towards making IIMs more global n on the line of internation B schools...
but opposing the move outrightly won't be gud. Have you ever seen american opposing wen someone gets into Wharton, Kellog or Havard?

do u think that reserving some seats for pakis will make IITs/IIMs international???? i beg to differ....merely taking students from other country doesnot make an insti international....
moreover, y only pakis, lets open the instis for all countries....then that will ensure that only best get in....but, r we game for such a scenario????
Wharton .kellogs etc offer close to 1000 seats for MBA(i dont know the exact figures) and they have many gud world reputed universities and instis....we dont have any univ or insti(apart from some IITs and IIMs) which can match the breadth and scope of their research and, i think to compare this situation with US wud be wrong....
my personal views only.....

well, I never said in the post that u reserve the seats for puks...I don't disagree that we can open our insti for other boundries as well but then ppl wud complain we are opening fast (juss like an economy!!)

wen we get into Bschool, we are talking bout mix profile so as to have different perspective on the particular matter...why fear globalising and opening up to different ppl on the planet then?? I wud second to the thought of inviting more n more ppl from diff countries n building up more n more insti. of the sort of IIMs n IITs...

this is absurd....indian students have to pay for the indo-pak friendship.....
reservations are there for SC,ST and other special categories....
indo pak friendship is a new special category i think....


is the reservation of 33% not enough load on us general category students that MMS has decided to reserve some more for the gud for nothing pakis. and i m sure to say that even our's average student be leaps and bounds ahead of their brilliant. where do they do their schooling from..hmmm.........let me remember..... a madarsa, so will they write right to left or left to right. and their graduation from a Military College doing their B.Techs (Bachelor in militant technology).

its high time and we shud stop being the gud ppl and stop all these nonsense gestures.
what say ppl

look already some colleges have Foreign Student Category and if the colleges think they can charge dollar fees for the pakis good luck to them.

My personal opinion is let them crack CAT come in thru the open category and compete then we have more competition and even if the no of IIMs are gonna be increased the quality of intake can be maintained... dont reserve seats for them for christs sake man...u wud land up in a situation where guys wudnt mind takin up paki citizenship to get into an iim!!! from Fake SC/ST certi to Fake Paki Passport!!!

buss life main isi ki kaami thi......

they do nothing for us.. y shoudl our PM do so much for them........... this is just not fair........ if they r thinking that the relations can be sorted out this way. then...
THEY R WRONG. .. NOT working with me though.......

I wud second to the thought of inviting more n more ppl from diff countries n building up more n more insti. of the sort of IIMs n IITs...

is it really happening??? wat u r describing is probably a very ideal scenario.....i will alsi like to see that in future...but we all know the way our govt keeps things in bay..dunno how many decades it will take india b4 we can even think of having likes of wharton,MIT etc in our country.....

the point is, in India itself, there is an unsatiated demand of IITians / i said earlier, with only few instis of such gud quality, we better first take care of our needs rather than opening them up for others as a mere goodwill gesture.....


i wont agree with you on this.the way u see pakis is in the same view as most europeans see India as,land of sadhus and snake not forget that they performed nuclear tests just after couple of days of our tests.
agreed they are intelligent and smart and knowing the state of the art of the technology.but the point is,why us?
why we are ready to welcome foreigners(who are foes ,history tells us) even when we are not able to provide enough to our own children?
indian children are most competitive in the world...why so much pressure on them right from the kindergarten? just cos the politcians decide its better to expend our talent just like kashmiri pandits who are as much as a part of india?

I dont know what the real news regarding this is. Its foolish and impractical to have a quota just for Pakistan, maybe the government is thinking of allowing more foreign students in where pakistan is just considered another country who has the right to get in. There aint nothing wrong with this. Great schools become great because of the student variety.

But if ur telling me about a special reservation for pakistan only, then hey im sure the iit iim students will good care of these paki suckers without using too many explosives and ammunition. The weapons and ammunition can be freely used on some of these congress/UPA leaders. I would whole heartedly support it.


okies guys..I think I read somewhere in the morning that the seats wud only be in post PG courses.....


Hey folks. all i can say is that this reservation thingy is massivly absurd. The question is not the internationalisation of IIMS and IITS , they will grow without pakis very well..much better if u askme. Frankly this whole CBM thingy is gettin outta control.they are still our antagonists ....and regional competitors...... This morronness of getting resev for pakis would help them get away with
a ) superior education that they cant dream of in paki land
b) they ll add to their human capital and great engineers and managers are subsidised by people of india.imangine us subsidising education for pakis.
c) what in the lords name do u think theyll do with the knowledge..set up NGOs ? lol...they would compete with our folks in every thing.

IMAGINE we are giving away our key to success .smart people.... tro a nation whos intentions are pretty much outgrow india in every way. The chinese.....pakis .all will gain but ther be only one loser.india.

Now u can argue that usa has gained by letting people of all nations yaya yaya but the fact is
most of intellectual terrorists etc have been educated in ivy league univ's and work against usa..that is something thev gotten smarter over and stopped ther inflow of studentrs from troubled anti usa.
Folks in world politics there is no sissy friend or bhai bhai...the pak state still sponsers terrorism..killing our brave jawansd......milkitants and isi stil dream of setting up 10 other pakistans in india..........and the scary part is that all this is not even rhetoric.itsa not and overstatement.....but the curse of our geographical and cultural history. If we have to emerge as a a hyper power....we should not let dumb emotions let us down.we should know what our strengths are and weakeness and work our way out. We are all here hoping to be managers............lest we want to lose our jobs would we imagine TRAINING a competitors' exec our secrets ?

Al lsaid and done.i do not have anything.agaisnt pakis......but the fact that ..they are willing to compete with us in a die harde way.....we should be too......inthe global comptetitive era..there is no space for bungling the way we indians' manmohan listiening.?


man again we are back to the same point... reservations in any form are bad...

the schools if they were not accepting before , should just become open and start accepting the applications for phoren students as well. PERIOD.

If they perform well thats well and gud.. otherwise its their problem...!! But again there are some repucursions to this as well.. as we mite have a situ wher the number of phoren students out number the number of desis.. Would be interesting to see what wud the call be then...

Till then... gud that u have started accepting foreign students .. but surely not in the form of reservations..!!!!

hi !!
i also feel all this is badddddddddddddd

From Rani Mukherjee to IITs and IIMs. Goes a long way to show how keen(read desperate) our national leaders are in promoting peace. But does this help? Musharraf comes, sees the match, plenty of CBMs announced and un-announced. That is it. It has been ages since India has been promoting Confidence building measures with some response form the loving neighbour. the bootom line is...has it done any good. Why do these old men not discuss something substantial.
Rserving seats at IITs and IIMs......phleeeezzzzzzzzz.
Talk about giving the pakis an opprtunity to appear for the exams. even that is a far fetched idea. the millitants will make sure that they get this legal entry and all. security concerns are a big factor.

On the other hand come to think of it. If this happens, Immidiately PG will also go global. we'll have pakis posting on this portal.... oh a whole lot of things to look fwd to!